US investigates startup that provided tests for Covid-19 that always came back negative

A Chicago-based startup is being accused of providing tests for Covid-19 with fraudulent results. According to a complaint made by the local news portal Block Club Chicago, all tests provided by the company were negative.

Following the complaint, US federal agencies and the Illinois State Department of Public Health are investigating the company, which has the official name of the Center for Covid Control. Currently, the company operates in about 300 locations across the country, however, some units are closing.

Centers for Covid Control received government funds to perform free tests. Credit: Center for Covid Control/Disclosure

The NGO Better Business Bureau, which works with a focus on advancing market self-confidence, gave the Covid-19 testing startup an F rating, which is the lowest possible rating given by the organization. In addition, the company has undergone a series of inspections.

As the Centers for Covid Control are still being investigated, it is not possible to say that the tests were in fact fraudulent and always came back negative. According to health authorities, this is a very worrying case, as the company received government funds to operate.

precarious structure

According to the complaint from Block Club Chicago, in several stations of the startup, patients received a QR Code after the collection was carried out. Upon accessing the code, customers were directed to a website that appeared to inform all visitors that they tested negative for Covid-19.

Some of these patients reported having been tested at other sites after a short period of time, and the results were positive. Some customers also said that they even received positive results, but long after the material was collected, when it was too late.

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Some surveys showed that the startup did not have enough resources to deal with the demand for tests for Covid-19. According to inspectors, several sample tubes were not labeled or did not have the necessary reagents for testing.

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