Out of Love Season 2: Cast, Plot, Trailers, & Latest Updates for 2022!


Dr Meera (Rasika Dugal) and Akarsh (Purab Kohli) had been separated for three years following his infidelity scandal. Meera is currently living a quiet life in Coonoor’s lovely valleys with her son Abhi. Everything is OK until Akarash and his current wife Alia decide to return (Meenakshi Chaudhary).

While he justifies his homecoming as a method to restore his strained relationship with Abhi (Kabeer Kachroo), he is consumed by thoughts of revenge and hate. He decides to make Meera’s life a living nightmare and force her to flee the city and her son. Will Meera be easily swayed?

What is the total number of episodes in Season 2 of Out of Love?

Out of Love season, 2 will include a total of five episodes, much as the first season, to carry the plot forward. Season 2 features five episodes, four of which have already aired on Hotstar. The first two were released on April 30, while the third was released one week later on May 7. The fourth episode of this series was released on May 14, after a week had passed since the previous one.

This series is based on the popular Doctor Foster series, which was produced by filmmaker Mike Bartlett. The names of the first three episodes of Out of Love season 2 are ‘The Return,’ ‘Empty Nest,’ and ‘Wicked Games,’ respectively. The last season ended on a cliffhanger, leading to fan anticipation about how their damaged marriage will be resolved.

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Out of love season 2 cast 

The complete cast of season 2 of Out Of Love :

  • Rasika Dugal as Dr. Meera Kapoor
  • Purab Kohli as Akarsh Kapoor
  • Soni Razdan as Mrs Kapoor, Akarsh’s mother
  • Meenakshi Chaudhary as Alia Kapoor
  • Aanjjan Srivastav as Dr. Pradhan
  • Sanghmitra Hitaishi as Mandira Pillai
  • Ekavali Khanna as Kalpana Kashyap
  • out of love season 2 Harsh Chhaya as Kartik Kashyap
  • Kabeer Kachroo as Abhishek Kapoor (Abhi), Meera and Akarsh’s son
  • Disha Thakur as Shalini
  • Vishwas Kini as Rohan
  • Eisha Chopra as Payal
  • Suhaas Ahuja as Vidyut
  • Himanshi Choudhary as Ritu
  • Virhi Kodvara as Ahaana Kapoor, Alia and Akarsh’s daughter

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Out of Love season, 2 is a Complex Web of Emotions, as reviewed by Rasika Dugal-Purab Kohli.

Out of Love may be on its way to a better and more rounded season 2 based on the first two episodes, as the focus changes from Dr Meera (Rasika Dugal) to other individuals around her. She’s still the show’s main character, and its up marriage has left her with, but it’s interesting, and even likeable at times, to see others around Meera contribute with sincerity and conviction to the layered narrative. o her to do the heavy lifting when it comes to portraying the complex emotions that a failed m

Akarsh (Purab Kohli), Dr Meera’s ex-husband, has returned to town with his wife to recover his life and restore his strained relationship with his now-teenaged son Abhishek. Meera is cornered, as much as she resents her husband’s sneaky ploy. While Akarsh was previously on a guilt trip as a result of his cheating scandal, he is going all out this time, and his every move is calculated and cold. Meera’s life is in jeopardy as it begins to fall apart. Will she, however, be so easily swayed?

out of love season 2

Season 2 starts on the proper foot, introducing the viewers to the bitter ex-husband vs wife plot right away. You get to choose which side you want to be on. A man who believes he has been wronged and carries a grudge or a lady who is hesitant to give second chances. Choose one and sit back and enjoy the trip.

Meera and Akarsh’s relentless, abrasive, and acrimonious back-and-forth will prepare the way for events that they will soon discover are beyond their control. The excitement comes from seeing who will be the victor. In the context of all of this, it’s disturbing to watch a society that will condemn a woman’s every move while allowing a male to get away with it.

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