1000-lbs Sisters Season 4: Latest Updates & Everything You Need to Know About This Series in 2022!


After season 3’s dramatic conclusion, fans are clamouring for more 1000-lb Sister. Regrettably, Amy & Tammy may not return for season 4.  Amy and Tammy Slaton’s journeys took dramatic turns in 1000-lb Sisters season 3 as they advanced toward their personal and weight loss goals, and while fans are eager for the next instalment of the Slaton family series, there may not be a season 4.

Fans were left with Amy and Tammy at pivotal points in their lives during the season 3 finale, but audiences may not be invited to witness the season’s repercussions. From Amy and Tammy’s comments to the family’s ongoing medical problems, here are five reasons why 1000-lb Sisters fans believe there will be no season 4.

Why There Might Not Be A Season 4 Of 1000-Lb Sisters?

Unfortunately, Amy and Tammy may have no interest in returning to reality television for the fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters. Both sisters have endured intense traumatic moments while co-starring, and the pair may be fed up with sharing their private lives with the world. Additionally, Amy and Tammy have enough to worry about without the added pressures of appearing on a reality television show.

Amy has already gotten everything she desired from the 1000-lb Sisters. Amy and Tammy originally joined the show in order to pursue their weight loss goals. Amy underwent weight loss surgery at the conclusion of season 1, and by the conclusion of 1000-lb Sisters season 2, Amy had achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a mother. Amy may not have anything else to strive for in 1000-lb Sisters and may endanger her relationship with Tammy by remaining on the show.

1000-Lbs sisters season 4

Amy revealed in an interview with The Sun that she may not return for the fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters. Amy shared that her priorities have shifted significantly since having Gage and becoming pregnant with her second child. Amy clarified, “When I’m at work, I feel like a bad mother… I’m not sure I want to do another season due to the fact that I’m pregnant; it’s just too much.” Regrettably, for fans eager to see the Slaton family grow, Amy would rather be a mother than a reality star. Tammy, the senior Slaton sister, is similarly preoccupied.

Tammy may not be able to leave rehabilitation facilities to film 1000-lb Sisters season 4 with her family, despite her commitment in season 1. Tammy is overwhelmed by her ongoing health complications, which means there may not be a fourth season of the 1000-lb Sisters. Amy and Tammy are both going through exciting times in their lives, and as much as 1000-lb Sisters fans would love to stay in touch with the Slaton family members in perpetuity, the pair of sisters may be uninterested in season 4.

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Amy and Tammy both have their hands full with their blossoming families and Tammy’s precarious health situation, and neither has the time or energy to devote to starring in 1000-lb Sisters. Unfortunately, fans of the 1000-pound Sisters must face the harsh reality that there may not be a fourth season.

1000-LB sisters season 4 -Confirmed or not!

If they decide to make a season 4 and we are all just impatient it is estimated that it will premiere in late 2022. As with previous seasons, they are typically released in the winter, just in time for the new year.

Audiences are concerned that if Season 3’s viewership is low, there will be no Season 4. With Tammy’s continued weight gain, fans are losing hope that she will ever reach her goal weight and are concerned that the show’s storyline will become monotonous.

Tammy’s fans are hoping she follows in her sister’s footsteps. We’ll have to wait and see what happens during the current season while crossing our fingers for more 1000-lb Sisters.

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