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Lizzo is a rapper and singer from the United States of America. She has released three studio albums, two mixtapes, two extended plays, 23 singles, and one promotional single. She released two studio albums before to joining with Atlantic Records—Lizzobangers in 2013 and Big Grrrl Small World in 2015. In 2014, Time magazine named her one of 14 emerging musicians to watch. [1] Coconut Oil, her first major-label extended play, was released in 2016.

Lizzo slid into Chris Evans’ DMs

Lizzo slid into Chris Evans

When she announced that she had sent Chris Evans a DM, the Grammy award-winning musician sparked an online commotion. Lizzo shared a screenshot of an Instagram DM with Evans in a TikTok that has now gone viral. Lizzo appeared to be taking a stab at the actor, as evidenced by the flirtatious emoji-written comment. It didn’t take long for fans to begin swooning over the prospect of the two getting together.

When Evans responded to Lizzo’s DM, the internet became even more engrossed in the conversation. Fortunately, Lizzo posted an update on TikTok to keep her followers informed. Lizzo’s plight resonated with Evans, and the two exchanged messages. I’ve done worse on this app than this lol. No shame in a drunk DM.” His nude photo leak was most certainly in mind at the time.

The Star Flirted With Drake on Instagram

Lizzo with drake

Chris Evans was just one of several celebrities Lizzo has flirted with on social media. The fact that Lizzo isn’t hesitant to initiate contact with the most desirable bachelors in Hollywood speaks volumes about her confidence in her ability to make the first move. Rapper Drake DMed the “Truth Hurts” singer during a 2019 interview on Busy Tonight. He followed her on Twitter even though she promptly erased his message.
“At the time, I was buzzed and thought, “Let’s see whether this motherf***er can sing.” A long time ago, I also wrote him a message over social media. Afterwards, he came after me, following me as I unsent it “According to Lizzo’s interview, so stated. Despite the fact that this Instagram encounter didn’t take place on TikTok, the outcome was the same. To Drake, Lizzo’s return was enough to pique his interest.

Lizzo Tried to Match With John Mayer on Raya


The celebrity dating app Raya has generated a lot of excitement on social media, and curious fans are speculating about which celebrities are using it. While Demi Lovato has revealed she has used the app to find love in Hollywood, many celebrities have been open about not finding love on Raya—and Lizzo is no exception.

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After being probed about her personal life by Busy Philipp’s interviewer, Lizzo confessed that she had previously dated Raya. It was revealed that she had attempted to find a John Mayer match but was unsuccessful. Lizzo, like many of us, hasn’t found a significant other on dating apps.

Who Was Lizzo’s Mystery Man?

Lizzo was spotted cuddling up to an unknown man in Malibu in March of 2021. Images from the Shade Room showed the couple on a balcony getting close to one another. Fans had no idea who Lizzo’s new sidekick was until this was the first time they were sighted together in public. As a result, rumours and speculation about a possible relationship spread swiftly. Many suspected Lizzo’s mysterious man was her new lover after seeing their tight friendship in the photos.

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Bottom Line: Lizzo Doesn’t Need to Be in a Relationship to Be Happy.

Lizzo has made it obvious that she wants to be allowed to live her life on her own terms, regardless of whether she has a boyfriend or not.


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She told People in 2019. “I’m a lonesome b—-h, and I intend to stay that way. Even if I were in a relationship, I would still prefer my independence because I am an independent thinker. I believe that a large number of people are in need of relationships and affection. Sometimes I crave it, but I don’t need it, either “she stated.

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