Who Is Ashanti Dating? Her Relationship History, Latest Update, Everything You Want to Know!


Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas (born October 13, 1980) is a singer, songwriter, and actress from the United States of America. As a teenager, she was discovered and later signed to Murder Inc. Records in 2002. [4] She appeared on Fat Joe’s “What’s Luv?” and Ja Rule’s “Always on Time” that year, which became two of the year’s biggest hits. With “Foolish” and “What’s Luv?” at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States, she became the first female artist to hold the top two positions simultaneously.

Ashanti has been linked to rapper Joyner Lucas since 2020. Rumours of their relationship began with their collaboration song, Fall Slowly (Evolution) by Lucas, which featured the R&B singer. The two are seen passionately kissing and embracing in the video, leading fans to wonder if their incredible chemistry has spilt over into real life. While neither of them has confirmed or denied their relationship, it is also not denied. While rumours persist that the two of them are still together, a recent Instagram post casts doubt on that.

Did Ashanti have a relationship with Nelly?

Ashanti dated rapper Nelly, who is best known for the songs Ride Wit Me and Hot in Herre. Both artists launched their careers in the early 2000s with massive Top 40 hits. The couple’s relationship began quietly but quickly blossomed into music’s most powerful couple. The two dated for more than a decade, and while there was some interest in marriage between them, it was not to be. In 2013, the two announced their separation.

Nelly and Ashanti, on the other hand, stole the show and took over social media during Ja Rule and Fat Joe’s Verzez rap battle on September 14. The moment was caught on camera, with Nelly securing a hug from his ex-girlfriend, Ashanti. After that moment, fans assumed the two would reconcile, but Ashanti quickly shut that down, indicating that she is already over the relationship.

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“Listen, nothing is happening,” she stated on Live. “Now comes the crazy part. I had no idea he would be present. Since we broke up, I haven’t seen or spoken to him. I’m not sure if it’s six years or something, so I had no idea what to anticipate.”I noticed him walking. “I saw him push you out of the way, Joe,” she continued. Despite this, when he approached, they exchanged no words.

“That is the absurdity; nothing was said. I saw him walking, his eyes grew large, and I had no idea what to expect. It was favourable. “Listen, I am an extremely optimistic person. I’m a very private person. “I wish him the best and everything good,” she stated. Ashanti continued: “It’s a lot of things that happened and a lot of things that remain unresolved. There is a great deal of grey area. There is considerable consternation. That is all I have to say! Numerous events occurred.

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Ashanti Dispels Rumors That She Is Dating a Well-Known Rapper

Ashanti is keeping a low profile when it comes to her personal life. The legendary singer was previously in a relationship with Nelly but maintains a low-key relationship status. She does, however, deny dating a well-known rapper and explains her decision to keep her romantic life under wraps in order to focus on her music. Fans have speculated for years that Ashanti and Flo Rida are dating.

The two have been seen celebrating various events and vacationing together, and their interactions are not hidden on social media. However, Ashanti asserts that they are platonic friends. “Let the public know that Ashanti is not dating Flo Rida,” she told The Breakfast Club’s hosts after DJ Envy hinted at her dating the Florida-born rapper. “Be precise. That is my younger brother. My friend Flo and I are extremely cool.”

Envy noted that the two frequently vacation in the same locations. However, Ashanti has a defence. “You are aware of what it is. Within my family, I have a group of girls with whom I enjoy vacationing. Flo’s crew became a part of his family. For about ten years, we’ve been attending each other’s birthday parties. As a result, I’m not sure why it’s such a surprise now. No, first and foremost, [vacations] are not always consecutive. However, he has a positive vibe and our teams work well together. He simply enjoys spending time with his family and celebrating. I assure you, it has never come close to that [a romantic relationship].”

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