Who Is James Charles Dating? His Relationships History, Latest Update, Everything You Want to Know!


This is what people said about Charles in 2016. He was the first CoverGirl for men. When Allure asked him how he felt, he said that it had been a dream come true. She said, “This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.” “As far as cool things go, I’m about 12 years old, so this is the best one. Having the chance to work with one of the most famous beauty brands in history, as well as celebrities like Katy Perry, is a huge honour.”

After becoming a makeup artist in 2016, the first CoverBoy was born. He was just 17. After he asked to retake his high school yearbook picture so that his cheekbones looked their best, Charles became an overnight star. Before he had his yearbook picture spread around the world, he made his highlighter stand out. He also started to show up all over the internet. Soon, the teen was taking the world of beauty by storm.

Charles signed a deal with CoverGirl soon after, and now he is one of the most popular young beauty vloggers in the business. Even if you’re a boy in a traditionally female-dominated field like fashion, it’s not always easy to be in the spotlight at a young age. It’s not just Charles who is making a name for himself. Here’s how he’s handling all of this new success and looking fierce while he does it.

Does James Charles have a boyfriend? 

He’s back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Two men have recently come forward and said that they had inappropriate conversations with James when they were younger. This led to a lot of people calling for James to be cancelled and for other YouTube stars like Shane Dawson and David Dobrik to be too. Comments James made about talking to boys in high school that he made on Logan Paul’s podcast came back up. This only made things even worse.

There’s no doubt that James has been called out before for this kind of thing. In the “BYE SISTER” scandal of 2019, another beauty YouTuber, Tati Westbrook, said that he was putting his sexuality on men who were not gay. Because of the accusations, James made a video apology on April 1, 2021, and put it on his YouTube account then. In “holding myself accountable,” James says that he talked to some of these guys when they were underage, but that they told him they were older than they were.

When he found out, he cut off all communication with them. She and her friends and family are sorry. He apologises to the men who are said to be 18 or older, as well as to his friends and family. When the video comes to an end, James says that he’s single and wants to be in a relationship. I want to be in a relationship with someone my age or older that I can connect with and that can make me laugh, he said. The person hasn’t been found yet.
Because he wanted to be with someone, he didn’t do the work he should have been doing to make sure they were old enough.

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James’ love life isn’t really clear!

James Charles came out as gay almost as soon as he became well-known. A lot of people say he’s had some relationships since then, but there aren’t a lot of facts to back them up. He was rumoured to be dating Grayson Dolan, a member of an unofficial YouTube group called the Sister Squad, in 2018. Both of them said they didn’t know each other. Charles wrote this in December 2018.

Affair Post says that “I wish people would stop focusing on the friendships of popular social media influencers and just enjoy them for what they are: friends. Enjoy it as it is. It can be toxic, frustrating, and really start to affect us in private. Some of the rumours are so outlandish that they’re not even funny.” It was the same year that Charles told Entertainment Tonight about his dating problems.

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Is James Charles dating Tfue, a YouTuber?


He said that he was looking for a boyfriend at the time, but didn’t like dating apps. “I don’t have the time. I need a boyfriend right now. Sit here and scroll through people and send messages back and forth. I don’t want to do that. Like, hey, no!” In 2019, there were rumours that Charles had a relationship with another makeup influencer named Manny MUA, but those rumours died down when Manny said he didn’t. During the 2020s, Charles went on a date with Turner “Ttfue” Tenney. The two never said if they went on a second date.

When February 14 rolled around and Tfue found himself single, he responded to James Charles’ tweet asking who would be his Valentine by claiming it would be him. The YouTuber swiftly agreed, and fans assumed the situation was resolved. It’s easy to believe this is all a prank and that the two will never follow through… However, this is incorrect.

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