Who Is Reba Mcentire Dating? Her Personal Life, Net Worth, Everything You Want to Know!


Reba Nell McEntire (born March 28, 1955), also known as Reba, is an American country music singer, actress, and businesswoman. She is frequently referred to as “the Queen of Country” due to her global sales of more than 75 million records.   McEntire has charted over 100 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart since the 1970s, 25 of which reached the top spot. Additionally, she is credited as an actress, having appeared in both feature films and television productions. She starred in the six-season television series Reba. Additionally, she owns a number of businesses, including a clothing line.

The Boyfriend of Reba McEntire Is ‘Very Special! ’

Since Reba McEntire revealed her boyfriend, Rex Linn, in October 2020, fans have been dying to learn all about their budding romance. It’s past time you learned some fun facts about the “very special” man of the country icon!

Reba revealed in January 2020 that she began dating Rex following a “dinner” together in New York City. “I am [dating] Rex Linn,” she revealed later that year on an episode of her “Living & Learning” podcast, claiming that the coronavirus pandemic allowed them to meet. “We have been conversing.” While the “Fancy” singer and the CSI: Miami star maintained social distance in their separate homes during the outbreak in 2020, they began “talking, texting,” and even using “FaceTime” to communicate. “That is an excellent way to meet people,” Reba exclaimed.


Once the two connected, it didn’t take long for the Grammy winner and Rex to form a strong bond. “We’ve been discussing our pasts, our [families], funny stories, him being an actor and me being an actress,” the singer of “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” explained. “He’s very interested in my music, and I’m very interested in his career — it’s wonderful to speak with someone who I find very interesting, very funny, and very smart, and who is also very interested in me.”

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Reba McEntire and Her Boyfriend Rex Linn Share Intimate Relationship Moments on Podcast

Reba McEntire’s Spotify podcast Living & Learning has officially launched its second season! Naturally, she invited her boyfriend Rex Linn to join the conversation, and the two exchanged some juicy details about their developing relationship. Reba and Rex, a cast member of CSI: Miami, began dating in January 2020. It all started with a dinner date, and we’re now obsessed with the two lovebirds. Their relationship was unknown to the public until she mentioned it during the first season of her podcast.

It’s all come full circle now, as Rex recounts his side of how they survived the pandemic in season 2’s first episode. When explaining their contact-free relationship due to the pandemic, Reba and Rex explained that on March 16, 2020, they began “Coffee Camp,” where they communicate every morning (and haven’t missed one yet!). “It was a very special relationship,” Reba explained. “We got to know each other without any physical contact.”

who is reba mcentire dating

Rex also went above and beyond during that time period to ensure Reba understood how much he cared for her. “Speaking of quarantine, I’ve sent you food numerous times during your stay. I was looking for a way to connect with you other than us spending three hours a day conversing, which was fantastic and allowed us to develop an emotional intimacy over the course of those months and weeks. However, because I am a foodie and you are a foodie, I would send you food from all over the country “Rex declared.

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Along with discussing what inspired Rex to pursue an acting career, the couple opened up to podcast listeners about their connection through their mothers’ deaths.
Many will be surprised to learn that the two were acquainted prior to adopting the nicknames “Tater Tot” and “Sugar Tot.” Rex describes how, after his mother died in 1998, his sister informs him that he has an important phone call to make.

“Thus, I returned to my childhood bedroom, sat on the bed, and it was Reba. ‘I understand what you’re going through today,’ she said. I simply desired to speak with you.’ We spoke for approximately 25 minutes and I will never forget it. It was incredible and uplifting. It was truly unique, and little did I realise that twenty years later, twenty-one years later, I’d be doing the same thing with her. However, I never forgot.”

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