Who Is Sofie Dossi Dating? Her Relationship History, Latest Update, Everything You Want to Know!


Sofie Dossi is a social media celebrity in the United States of America who rose to prominence as a Golden Buzzer winner on America’s Got Talent. Dossi launched her YouTube channel in response to the success of her reality show. The channel quickly became a smashing success, with 5.58 million subscribers at the time of writing. Sofie is also a social media celebrity on other platforms, such as Instagram (3.9 million followers) and TikTok (9.2 million followers).

Who is Sofie Dossi in love with?

Sofie Dossi is dating Dom Brack in 2021. Sofie and Dominic Brack are both Tik Tok celebrities, and based on their accounts, he had a long-standing crush on her and asked her out on Valentine’s Day. Additionally, the couple frequently creates videos for their YouTube channels. On August 21st, Sofie uploaded a video in which she surprised Dom with his ex-girlfriend. She captioned the video, “Things have been heating up with Dofie lately-As a result, I decided to play a rather elaborate prank on Dom and surprise him with his ex! The outpouring of emotion was priceless”.

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Who Is The Boyfriend Of Sofie Dossi In 2021?

As of 2021, Sofie Dossie is dating Dominic Brack. Yes, you read that correctly. Dom is Sofie’s boyfriend. Wasn’t that something that had been anticipated for an extended period of time? We have no doubts about their romance now that they’ve made it public on Instagram. Previously, there was considerable discussion about their connection.

who is sofie dossi dating

They also played practical jokes on their friends by claiming to be dating when they were not. Dom, on the other hand, was rumoured to be “Sofie Dossi’s Boyfriend.” Following that, they began dating. Sofie and Dom are currently collaborating on a number of videos. Sofie and Dom are Tik Tok celebrities, and according to their narratives, Dom has been in love with Sofie for years and asked her out on Valentine’s Day.

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Dom uploaded a video titled My friends meet my new girlfriend in October 2020. Sofie Dossi was the girlfriend in question. Fans were overjoyed that the pair was finally announcing their rumoured relationship in the video. However, by the video’s conclusion, it was clear that it was a hoax. Brent Rivera, the couple’s friend, dared them to kiss to confirm their relationship, and when they refused, Dom admitted that it was a prank. Dom and Sofie remain close, and fans continue to hope for a romantic relationship between the two.

They are, however, just good friends at the moment. Dom and Sofie keep their love lives relatively low-key. Sofie was linked to social media personality Tony Lopez in June 2020. The Hollywood Fix caught up with Tony and Sofie at the end of the month, and they insisted that they are just friends. Brack is not connected to anyone on social media, but he did participate in an Awesomeness TV-organized online speed dating competition. He ultimately chose a girl named Sarah, but it is unknown whether the two dated following the competition.

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