Who Is Doja Cat Dating? Her Dating Relationship Latest Updates, Personal Life, Everything You Want to Know!


Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini (born October 21, 1995), professionally known as Doja Cat, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from the United States of America. She began creating and releasing music on SoundCloud as a teenager. Her song “So High” caught the attention of Kemosabe and RCA Records, with whom she signed a joint record deal at the age of 17, following up with the release of her debut EP Purrr! in 2014.

Doja Cat keeps a low profile regarding her personal life, starting in September 2021 that the general public should “not expect to hear who she’s dating until they marry.”  She has not yet publicly declared her sexual orientation or made a definitive statement about it, but has claimed to be “I enjoy both. I prefer people with whom I can have sex. You can have sex with anyone, correct?”

 She also makes a reference to her queer sexuality in the song “Naked,” where she raps about how she “love[s] bananas and peaches.”  She began dating indie-pop musician Jawny in August 2019, but the pair broke up in February 2020. Doja Cat made a $100,000 donation to the Justice For Breonna Taylor Fund in June 2020 in support of Taylor’s family.
Doja Cat purchased a $2.2 million home in Beverly Hills, California, in early 2021.

Who is Doja Cat currently dating?


To date, Doja has had only one public relationship, which was with fellow singer Jacob Sullenger/Johnny Utah/JAWNY. They met in 2019 and maintained a fairly public relationship until February 2020, when they reportedly split. If you want to hear the entire meet-cute for yourself, you can watch them explain it during one of their Instagram Lives, which has since been archived as a Youtube video, but in essence, they played Instagram ping-pong with comments and likes until they finally began speaking.

“I discovered his music video for ‘Honeypie,’ and I wasn’t a fan of the song,” she told Distractify. “She despised it. She is enraged by the song. “She was completely dissatisfied with the song,” Johnny continued. “However, I enjoyed the way you moved,” Doja stated. “I’m not sure. It was your trousers. ‘Oh, I like your pants,’ I thought. I viewed his YouTube video and then commented on his Instagram, saying, ‘I love you, baby.”

who is doja cat dating

Following that, Johnny enabled Doja’s Instagram notifications so that he would be notified of her next post. His intention was to make a witty remark in order to attract her attention. ‘Hey girl, I just showed this photo to my little cousin and informed him that we’re together,’ he concluded. Make no attempt to portray me as a liar now. He aspires to be like me.” Following that, the pair began communicating and soon began dating. Unfortunately, the romance was brief, but Doja was adamant that nothing sinister had occurred.

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Doja cat’s Ex-boyfriends!

Mystery Man

Doja Cat has been concealing her new beau from her fans, and she may have accidentally revealed him on Saturday while her live on Instagram (Feb 19) The ‘Say So’ singer appeared to be relaxing in the pool with her fans when she was addressed as ‘babe’ by a man in the back.

Turning away from the camera, she replied to the man, “Oh, I’m on live,” before shutting down the stream. Fans speculated on the identity of the mystery man, with French Montana being the leading suspect, especially given the two’s link dating all the way back to October 2020.


Doja and French Montana sparked dating rumours in October 2020 when they were spotted together on a boat, but Doja quickly clarified that they were there for business, not pleasure. “French and I are about to release a song “In a Tweet, she stated.


Doja’s most recent dating rumour involves Bree Runway, another female rapper. The two singers were seen getting very cosy at a Drake-hosted party before sharing a slew of photos online. The photos themselves are uninspiring, but the captions sent the internet into a tailspin, with Doja even claiming to have a ‘girlfriend’ and was ‘going public.’
“You know how obsessed I am with my WOMANNNN! I adore you @dojacat best night ever “Bree captioned a series of images in which she and Doja kissed on the cheek, hugged, and danced. It’s unclear what any of this means or whether the two are simply friends, but we’d be all for them if they decided to go romantic.
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Doja is either a true expert at concealing her relationships or she is single at the moment. Regardless of her relationship status, there’s no denying that she’s killing it right now and is likely too busy to entertain the idea of a partner. For the time being, we’ll sit here and listen to Planet Her on repeat, daydreaming about the day she announces her Australian tour.
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