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Jonathan Lyndale Kirk (born December 22, 1991), professionally known as DaBaby (previously known as Baby Jesus), is a rapper from the United States of America. He rose to mainstream prominence in 2019 after releasing several mixtapes between 2014 and 2018.

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 22, 1991. In 1999, he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he spent the majority of his formative years. He graduated from Julius L. Chambers High School (then known as Vance High School) in 2010.

He spent two years at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro but did not complete his studies, claiming he only went to college for the sake of his parents.  He and his two older brothers grew up listening to Eminem, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne.

Name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk or DaBaby
Genre Rapper
Born December 22, 1991, in North Carolina, United States
Education Not completing his studies
Relationship status Single

Who is DaBaby Dating at the Moment?

According to our records, DaBaby is currently single. DaBaby is not dating anyone as of 2022. DaBaby doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. As of right now, DaBaby is not dating anyone.

He recently ended a relationship with Dani Leigh in February 2021, and the artist has made no public appearances since then, implying that he is in a new relationship. We were last updated on the relationship between DaBaby and Dani Leigh in March 2020, at the start of a lockdown.

The rapper was featured in her Levi High music video. Throughout the initial stages, the pair did not hesitate to deny all dating rumours. Later, when the two artists were spotted at the same West Hollywood hotel while in quarantine, these discussions resumed. On the internet, there was a lot of drama surrounding Dani Leigh and MeMe, and they allegedly had a spat.

Meme is the mother of DaBaby’s child and refers to Dani as obsessed, accusing her of blocking her. Following this incident, the two exchanged a series of low-key tweets directed at one another. Dani Leigh shared a photo of herself lying in bed with a man whose face was obscured but resembled DaBaby a few months after this incident.

DaBaby’s Ex-Girlfriends!

B. Simone

Find My Way, one of his most recent songs, which was released on April 1st, 2020, garnered the most attention due to the rumours that he was involved with rising star B. Simone. To add fuel to the fire, B. Simone also posted a cryptic Instagram photo of his hands wrapped around her waist, which quickly went viral.

However, it was quickly revealed that they were never together and that it was all for the promotion of his music video and B. Simone’s debut book, Manifest The Life You Want. DaBaby even lauded her in his subsequent post, captioning the photo “Marketing Queen.”

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Anyone who is familiar with the DaBaby or B. Simone is aware of B. Simone’s crush on the DaBaby. Multiple posts and videos in which she declares her love for him. She even dressed up as his bride for Halloween in 2019, walking around with a life-sized cutout of him.

DaBaby, while flattered, has resisted the advances in his own unique way. In early October 2019, B. Simone publicly addressed a heartfelt love letter to DaBaby on Instagram, to which he responded with emojis.

DaniLeigh & Meme

DaBaby has also been linked to Prince’s protege, DaniLeigh. DaniLeigh and DaBaby have collaborated on numerous occasions; she assisted in choreographing DaBaby’s infamous BOP dance for his music video, and he has featured her on her song and music video Levi High. Although DaniLeigh claims on Complex News that she has never dated him.

She and Meme, DaBaby’s daughter’s mother, were spotted conversing on Twitter in early March 2020. The meme claims DaniLeigh has blocked her on Twitter, but she has continued to spread rumours about her.

Whereas DaniLeigh conveys the impression that MeMe is envious of her and that the DaBaby has moved on from her. DaBaby has made no official statement regarding the situation. However, she stated in an interview with Meme that even when they are apart, they will always be together.

When did DaniLeigh and DaBaby have their first date?

After shocking the world by publicly announcing their relationship in 2020, DaniLeigh announced two months later that she was “officially single.” While neither party provided an official reason for their split, many believe it was due to the backlash DaniLeigh faced following the release of her song Yellow Bone.

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During the split, DaBaby issued a challenge to his 16 million Instagram followers, saying that whoever recreated an India Love TikTok would be flown out for Valentine’s Day date with him. “The best re-enactment of this TikTok will be flown out for Valentine’s Day date with Baby,” DaBaby wrote shortly after DaniLeigh announced their breakup.

When was DaniLeigh’s pregnancy confirmed?

DaBaby, a RAP star, made headlines in 2020 when he announced his relationship with DaniLeigh. The two made their initial public appearance in December 2020. DaniLeigh announced her pregnancy following months of speculation from fans following her split from DaBaby.

“As you grow, so does my love, discipline, and focus,” DaniLeigh captioned maternity photos on Twitter. While DaniLeigh has not revealed the identity of her child’s father, fans speculate that it could be DaBaby’s.


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