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Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (born March 10, 1994), known by his stage name Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and professional wrestler. Bad Bunny says he picked his stage name as a result of a well-known image of him that was taken in grade school.

They ultimately went public last year, visiting a number of sporting events and establishing an Instagram profile. The song “En Casita,” which appeared on Las Que No Iban a Salir, was co-written by the two of them.

According to Bad Bunny, he was “in love” with someone back in March. Honesty is paramount, he opined, and being true to oneself is the key to a satisfying romantic partnership. Even though he and Berlingeri are now engaged, the Latin GRAMMY winner revealed to ET in November that he and Berlingeri are still not married.

He met the now 27-year-old jewelry designer over a family dinner in Puerto Rico in 2017. According to the singer of “Yo Perreo Sola,” they’ve been dating ever since.

During the same interview, Bad Bunny disclosed that Berlingeri had a hand in recording his 2018 duet with Jennifer Lopez, “Te Gusté.”

Gabriela taped references for J.Lo’s vocals during the recording of “Te Gusté,” he said. “Nobody knows this,” he continued.

Gabriela Berlingeri, the Girlfriend of Bad Bunny, Is Here!

Gabriela Berlingeri

They went from mystery to #relationshipgoals in the matter of a few months between Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri.

It wasn’t until the spring of this year that Bad Bunny and Berlingeri revealed more about their relationship after they were spotted together at a LA Lakers basketball game on Feb. 28. Berlingeri shot all of the photos for the May 2020 cover of Rolling Stone, which included intimate moments between the couple.

Berlingeri commented, “I wanted to accentuate all my favourite aspects of him.” “I want people to pay attention to his lips. ” His hair. His face. “I’m in awe of him,” he says.

In fact, this wasn’t Berlingeri’s first foray into the world of film. Many of Bad Bunny’s Instagram photographs were taken by her, according to her manager, Noah Assad, who spoke to Rolling Stone.

This is what Bad Bunny had to say when asked why he decided to go public with his relationship. Most people are unaware of how much she has helped me emotionally at a time when I most needed it.


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Since then, the couple has been the subject of engagement and marriage rumours. It’s not yet known if the couple is engaged, but it’s clear that they’re in love.

In addition to this, below are some other facts regarding Berlingeri and their connection.

Gabriela Berlingeri Is a San Juan-based Jewellery Designer.

Berlingeri, like Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican-born 26-year-old. DICIEMBRE|VEINTINUEVE, her jewellery boutique, will open in November 2020.

She has been a model for many boutiques during her career and has collaborated with Bad Bunny on his music, according to TV Azteca. In the song “En Casita,” she is listed as a singer on his surprise album, Las Que No Iban a Salir. Bad Bunny confesses to waking up late to play video games, running out of milk for Corn Flakes, and hoping the illness would go away like former Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló, who was stricken with the flu. I wanted to visit you, but it’s not going to be possible,” Bad Bunny and Gabriela sing in unison as the chorus:

Unfortunately, Bad Bunny is not dating Rosalia.

Bad Bunny and Rosala wowed the SNL audience on February 20 with a sexy duet, but the two are not dating. Bring on the sobs! How about Benito Martnez Ocasio, a native of Puerto Rico?

Model Gabriela Berlingeri is a longtime love interest of the artist. After a dinner with the musician’s father and brother in Puerto Rico in 2017, the two struck up a conversation. Since that encounter, Rolling Stone quotes Bad Bunny, 26, as saying, “They’ve been dating ever since”.

After meeting for the first time at a Miami Heat game in February of 2020, the “I Like It” singer and Gabriela, 26, were spotted holding hands. After a few days, they were spotted at a Los Angeles Lakers game at Staples Center in LA.

According to Entertainment Tonight’s interview with the 2021 Grammy performer at that time, the singer said he was “in love” and didn’t clarify further. Instead, he focused on what he believes is necessary for a partnership to succeed: honesty and mutual trust. “But the most essential thing is to always be yourself and upfront and honest,” he said to the media source. There can be no pleasing them if you’re not honest from the start.

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