Who Is Madison Beer Dating? Rumors About Relationship With Nick Austin?


Madison Elle Beer (born March 5, 1999) is a singer and songwriter from the United States. She was born in New York and began uploading covers to YouTube in early 2012. When Justin Bieber shared a link to one of her covers, Beer received a lot of media attention. In 2013, she released her debut single, “Melodies.”

Madison Beer’s love life has been a source of great conjecture since she initially appeared on the scene as a young girl making covers on YouTube. Madison is now a legitimate celebrity, with 28.6 million Instagram followers, more than 16 million TikTok followers, and well over 2 million YouTube subscribers, and a debut studio album called Life Support that was released in the winter. It’s safe to say that interest in her love sitch has only grown.

The boys have arrived. Back in February, YouTuber David Dobrik fuelled the rumor mill by having Madison on his show Views to discuss their “relationship,” and Madison questioned him directly, “So, have you ever rejected me?” to which he replied in the negative. That’s great, I’m glad we finally put that long-running joke/conspiracy idea to rest.

Who Is Madison Beer Dating?

TikTok star Nick Austin is rumoured to be dating Madison. They’ve been spotted together, but they’ve kept their romance private on social media. When it comes to ex-boyfriends, Madison has dated Viner Jack Gilinsky from 2015 to 2017, Brooklyn Beckham from 2017 to the present, and Zack Bia from early 2019 to the present.

For as long as anyone can remember, Nick Austin has been rumored to be Madison’s latest fling. A few months later, in February 2021, Just Jared published photos of Madison (in PJs?) and Nick (in West Hollywood) embracing in the midst of an epic road trip. As of March, Nick has made an official announcement of their relationship via an Instagram homage to Madison’s birthday.


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Madison and Nick have been on the road since October 18 in support of their album Life Support, but they haven’t let the journey slow them down. They got to spend Halloween together because it fell in the middle of Madison’s two gigs. Is he accompanying her on her trip? At the very least, why not pay a visit while the performances are taking place? We’re happy for them any way!

Madison Beer and Nick Austin announced their relationship in March 2021.

Early on in their relationship, neither Madison nor Nick confirmed or denied they were dating — though Nick did have some nice things to say about Madison when he spoke to The Hollywood Fix. He was spotted leaving a friend’s birthday celebration in August 2020 when he was asked about Madison.

Madison Beer and Nick Austin

When asked about commenting on her social media, Nick just stated, “She’s stunning.”

On March 5, Austin turned to Instagram to wish Madison a happy birthday, essentially establishing his relationship with her.

“I have no idea how I got so lucky,” he captioned a sequence of images of himself and Madison. “Happy birthday, my darling, my closest friend, my dream lady, my soulmate. Every day with you feels like a dream, which it very well could be. I adore you. never never never never never never never never never”

Her new music video for “Boys-it” was shown to fans in a behind-the-scenes video. She shared a picture of herself chatting on a phone while seated on a pale pink couch on Instagram. The song is about a relationship that went sour.

For the time being, Madison has only put out a single named “As She Pleases” from her forthcoming debut studio album. Even though she claims that COVID has already caused her to push the release date back, her debut album, titled “Life Support,” is set to be published in February 2021.

She said the following in an interview with 102.7 KIIS FM: “COVID definitely slowed it down, but we’ll have it by the end of 2021… I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Madison also discusses the meaning of the album’s title, “Life Support.” “It was the only thing that kept me going when I was going through a bad patch in my mental health. For me, it was akin to being on life support.”

Madison spoke about coping with her mental condition in an August 2020 interview with The Face. There were a lot of ups and downs in her life this past year.

“My ex and I had a breakup, but I didn’t want to record a break-up album since I thought it was very superficial. That was just the tip of the iceberg; there was a lot more to the story. The diagnosis of borderline personality disorder was made despite the fact that I haven’t spoken publicly about a lot of what I was going through at the time.”

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