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One Direction’s former lead singer Louis Tomlinson was trending on Twitter after his most recent Instagram story selfie went viral. This selfie shows the 28-year-old British musician, who has long, well-combed, and side-parted hair, in a medium close-up view with a grey hoodie.

After an almost six-month hiatus, a fresh photo of Tomlinson has appeared on the Internet, sparking a firestorm of discussion. As a rule, the British crooner avoids social media and keeps his personal life private. When his debut album ‘Walls’ reached the top of the iTunes chart a few weeks ago it was his last time trending. As soon as his new picture started trending on Twitter, One Direction fans went crazy.

“You’ve changed,” said one user. Yeah, that’s right. It’s been a long time since Louis Tomlinson uploaded a selfie. This is the inside of my brain after Louis posted the photo while I was still salivating over the golden picture and THEN NIALL,” another user wrote in response to the GIF., of course, we have Liam, our rambunctious angel.” “You are attractive, charming, and healthy,” one admirer commented. I’m over the moon for @Louis Tomlinson”

Who is Louis Tomlinson dating?

Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson have been together for three years.
Throughout his tenure in One Direction and since Louis Tomlinson has been in a committed relationship with Eleanor Calder.

Despite the fact that the pair had been apart for a few years, it’s apparent that they’ve been able to maintain a good relationship since they reunited.
There are currently more than 3 million Instagram followers belonging to fashion blogger and model Eleanor.

After leaving her native London and relocating to Manchester, the 28-year-old social media celebrity studied sociology at the University of Manchester.

She’s now in London, where she appears to be living with Louis.

Is Eleanor Calder engaged to Louis Tomlinson?

Eleanor and Louis were reportedly engaged in January 2020 after a gossip site tale spread among One Direction fans.

A Louis spokesman, on the other hand, promptly refuted the rumors in the tabloids.

Some Directioners believe Harry Styles introduced Eleanor to Harry Styles, while others believe Eleanor was introduced to Harry Styles by a university acquaintance of Eleanor’s who knew 1D’s management.

In 2011, at Niall Horan’s birthday party, they made their debut public appearance. Fans started calling them Eleanor after they announced their relationship.

What has Louis said about Eleanor’s connection with him?

Even though the couple tries to keep their romance private, Louis has shown how much he loves his fiancée in previous interviews.

His song “Back To You” and Eleanor’s relationship were mentioned in an interview on Lorraine in 2018.


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The singer added, “There are certain personal aspects that I relate to and that I offer to the lyrics.” It’s nice to have a distraction from my own life. The relationship with Eleanor is really a fluke. Aside from that, the song’s love story is quite strong. They might not be a good match. In my opinion, Eleanor isn’t like that. “She’s a shoo-in.”

Eleanor posted a rare photo of Louis on Instagram.
A previously unseen photo of Louis was shared by Eleanor on her Instagram account. a photo was taken with an iPhone camera.
There are no children between the couple and the father-of-one, Brianna, as he shares Freddie with her.

But he did admit in an interview with a tabloid this year that he saw a future with Eleanor, saying: “One day, yeah. I’d imagine so.” To ask me whether I’ll get married to her? In fact, I believe it! And more children, in my opinion.

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