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Los Angeles, California, United States Larri Merritt (born July 22, 1998) is an American YouTuber known as Larry. He makes comedic video content for his YouTube channel and is a member of The Hype House, a TikTok collective.

With catchy lyrics, his diss track “Cancelled” shed some light on TikTok’s top feuds, and his well-documented friendships with content creators like Dixie D’Amelio, James Charles, and Noah Beck have also received a lot of attention online.

Another way Larry keeps in touch with his millions of fans is by discussing all aspects of his life, from his career to his family to his dating life.

Though Larry has been open about his personal life in the past, when he posted a video about becoming a parent with his girlfriend, fans wondered if he had gone through a breakup.

Who is Larray’s girlfriend?

When it comes to Larray’s TikTok friends, many have had multiple public relationships and breakups, but he’s been with the same woman for a long time.

It wasn’t until months later that Larray and Brady Potter revealed their relationship.

A YouTube video in October of that year revealed that Brady and Larray were engaged at the time of his bisexuality announcement in the summer of 2019.

It hasn’t been long since Larray and Brady have been regularly posting videos together on various social media platforms.

Did Larray break up with Brady?

Even though Brady and Larray haven’t made headlines on TikTok, their social media accounts have been stoking breakup rumors for a long time.

Larray break up with Brady

Earlier this month, Brady posted two images to Instagram. “I forgot to forgive you” was the caption for one of the photos he took.

A fan asked Brady how he was doing, and Brady said he was “sort of a disaster.” Brady replied, “I’m fine, a little messed up, but that’s life.” As you are, I wish you the same.

It was unclear whether the caption was meant to be a jab at Larray or a more general statement about himself.

Larray, for his part, has hinted at some tension in the relationship. TikToker Nailea Devora was referred to as his girlfriend on both his YouTube channel and Instagram feed by the TikToker.

James Charles and Larry Film Tik Tok Relationship Challenge

James Charles and Larray made a TikTok video for Larray’s profile on Tuesday (November 24th), both dressed in Larray’s new ‘girlies’ merchandise.

On camera, they perform a “Mr. and Mrs.”-style test created for couples, answering questions about their own relationship such as who was more interested in them first, who is more needy, and who apologizes most frequently.

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Before James and Larray appear, you see TikTok star Noah Beck, but as the sound says “this one is just for couples,” he vanishes.

Afterward, James and Larray make a heart gesture to each other, implying that they are a romantic couple.

People started speculating that James and Larray were dating after seeing the video.

However, this was a fictitious storyline for his YouTube video. Openly gay Larray is. In the comments area of Larray’s wedding post, Nailea stated that the two were merely good friends.

“Bestie vibes only bestie vibes only,” she added in her message. Larray and Brady’s latest social media posts and captions may suggest that their relationship is in peril, but there are numerous indicators that they are still together.

On Instagram, Brady and Larray are still friends. Both have yet to make a public remark on the possibility of a breakup.

This is not the first time Larray has mentioned having a significant other on Valentine’s Day in 2021. Since Larray’s engagement, Brady has also posted provocative captions about her, and he hasn’t deleted any of the photos he’s shared with her.

If the two are no longer working together, expect to hear from them via vlog, Instagram, or TikTok.

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