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Who Is Leslie Jones Dating? The Truth Behind Her Relationship Rumors!

Annette Leslie Jones (born September 7, 1967) is an American comedian and actress who previously worked on Saturday Night Live as a writer and cast member from 2014 to 2019. Jones has performed at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival and the Aspen Comedy Festival. In 2010, Showtime aired her one-hour comedy special, Problem Child.

Jones starred as Patty Tolan in Ghostbusters (2016). For her work on Saturday Night Live in 2017 and 2018, Jones was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Jones was designated one of Time magazine’s 100 most important persons in the world in 2017. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Leslie’s net worth is approximately $7 million as of 2022.

Jones became the target of racist and sexist insults on Twitter following the release of Ghostbusters in July 2016. The social media company replied by suspending numerous users, including user and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who had previously labelled Jones as “barely literate.”

Name Annette Leslie Jones 
Genre American comedian and actress
Birth September 7, 1967, in Memphis, Tennessee, U.s.
Net worth $7 Million
Relationship status Single


Jones momentarily left Twitter on July 18, 2016, after continuing to receive racist messages. Later in the week, she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss the ordeal and her meeting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In response to Yiannopoulos’ assertion that he was targeted because he was a “gay conservative,” she claimed that “hate speech and free speech are two distinct concepts.”

Who is Leslie Jones Dating Currently?

Leslie Jones is now single, according to DatingCelebs. The queen of comedy from Memphis, 53, prefers to keep her love life secret. She has had one romance and has never been engaged, according to CelebsCouples.

Many fans speculated that Jones was married to fellow ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Kyle Mooney, considering their outstanding sketches on the show. However, Distractify asserted that the ship was all for nought.

The “Leslie & Kyle” spoof was just for laughs, the report adds, but it came to a point in May 2019 when viewers thought they were the real deal. “They honestly thought it was true,” Mooney quipped during the segment. “It’s absurd,” Jones remarked, following which they went back to flirting with one another and performing a musical performance.

Leslie Jones is married to Kyle Mooney, isn’t she?

Leslie is not Kyle’s wife. The two celebrities appeared on Saturday Night Live and shared some memorable moments, but they were not romantically involved. Leslie returned to a long-running sketch series with co-star Kyle Mooney during the final season of Saturday Night Live.

The sketch “Leslie & Kyle” follows the two actors as they interact in a fictitious relationship for laughs. It’s designed to make viewers laugh, but their most recent sketch, which aired in May 2019, left fans questioning whether there was more to their comedy than just playing things for laughs.

who is leslie jones dating

“They honestly believed it was true,” Mooney quipped throughout the piece. “It’s absurd,” Jones retorted. However, they soon began flirting and performing a musical number – so what was the truth? Regrettably, they are not together.

Is Leslie Jones in a relationship with Kate McKinnon?

The comedian’s tight friendship with her colleague, Kate McKinnon, has left many people wondering whether they are dating. The two Saturday Night Live cast members, however, are not dating. In a 2016 interview with Refinery 29, Kate McKinnon remarked of her former “SNL” co-star that they became “sisters for life” after filming “Ghostbusters.”

“Leslie and I have worked together for two years at ‘SNL,'” McKinnon stated. “We were quite close by the time we went there to film and got so much closer, pathologically closer, during the course of the summer in fact.” We’re pleased to hear it!

The ladies’ bond has become so strong that in January 2021, a rumour circulated that the two were married! According to Snopes, a deceptive web advertisement depicted Jones and McKinnon hugging with the phrase “Celeb Couples We Completely Forgot Were Married.”

who is leslie jones dating (1)

To add to the confusion, a second commercial appeared online with the identical image and clickbait slogan, “17 LGBTQ Celebrities Who Overcame Numerous Obstacles to Become Couples.” While we’d completely ship a romance between McKinnon and Jones, the two are strictly platonic best pals.


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