Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating? Are Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey Still Together?


Harry Jowsey (24 May 1997) is a 24-year-old Australian born in Yeppoon town of Queensland, Australia and now residing in Los Angeles. He is a YouTuber who appeared on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle dating show. In 2018, this 6’5″ hunk appeared on another dating show in New Zealand called Heartbreak Island.

Harry runs his own apparel line, Naughty Possums, selling sweatshirts with slogans such as “Boyfriend D***.” In March 2021, the YouTuber debuted Tap In with Harry Jowsey, a dating advice podcast. In 2021, he also appeared on MTV’s Match Me If You Can.

Name Harry Jowsey
Genre You Tuber
Birth 24 May 1997 in Yeppoon town of Queensland, Australia
Net Worth &1 Million
Relation with Sveta Bilyalova

Harry Jowsey’s net worth is now estimated to be about $1 million. Net worths, on the other hand, are notoriously difficult to calculate, so take this with a grain of salt.

Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating Now?

Harry Jowsey, a television personality, is presently dating Sveta Bilyalova. Harry’s latest Dubai vacation appears to have been exceptionally memorable, as he spent quality time with his ladylove.

Sveta is a well-known social media personality who has amassed a sizable amount of sponsorship. Additionally, she has been featured in Sports Illustrated. While discussing his blossoming romance with her, Harry remarked that the nicest part of being with her was seeing how happy and joyful and appreciative Sveta was to be there.

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Additionally, the television star gushed about the Russian beauty, stating that she possesses an endearing demeanour and a beautiful nature. He is also quite understanding and receptive to the changes that occur in this sector.

Are Harry and Francesca in a Relationship?

Not only did photos emerge of Harry and Francesca hanging out in Cancun, Mexico, but the duo also hinted at a love reunion on social media. Harry lip syncs to Nicki Minaj’s Chun Swae with the lines “He don’t want me back” in one TikTok before handing the phone to Francesca, who lipsyncs “He be lying, b*tch I’m the sauce.”

In another, Harry responded to a comment that read, “If you and Francesca get together, I’m going to colour my hair blue,” with a video of him wrapping his arm around her and lip-syncing the words, “That’s my ex b*tch because she poisonous.”

On May 23, Harry shared an image on his Instagram storey of the pair’s matching lightning bolt finger tattoos next to one another, which they acquired during their official relationship. Francesca also shared a video of herself partying on a beach while seated on Harry’s lap on her Instagram storey.

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Harry informed TMZ that he is only assisting Francesca in dealing with her recent split, but most of the evidence points to a reunion that is far more than amicable.

What is Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” Controversy?

Ten young, gorgeous singletons from all over the world gather in a tropical paradise for what they believe will be the most exotic and sensuous summer of their lives — but there is a catch.

These commitment-phobes who enjoy a casual hook-up will have to abstain from all hanky-panky for the duration of the retreat in order to win the ultimate prize of $100K (£79K). No kissing, no excessive stroking, and no kind of self-gratification.

The prize money decreases with each slip. Will this lustful bunch be able to develop deeper emotional bonds? Or will the temptation be simply too strong to resist?


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