Are Angus and Maude Dating? Who Is Angus Cloud Girlfriend in Real Life?


As the second season of “Euphoria,” the fan-favourite American teen drama television series, premiered earlier this year in January, the show has once again become the talk of the town! Sam Levinson developed and wrote this HBO series.

And with new episodes revealing more about Fez and Lexi’s romantic relationship, their fans are intrigued as to why their on-screen romance is so intact; are the two actors performing those parts dating in real life as well?

Are Angus and Maude Apatow Dating?

Between their on-screen connection and their ‘intimate’ meal, their dating rumours were already fueling! Yes, Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow were photographed in New York City eating dinner together. Despite the fact that they were accompanied by a few others, the two were spotted getting intimate.

Additionally, they were spotted seated alongside one another at a table with that group of buddies. While fans continue to speculate on whether Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow are dating, the two have not provided any explanation!

Interestingly, Angus Cloud had already shared images of himself with Maude Apatow a day prior to Valentine’s Day. And the caption was the cherry on top. “A Lil NYC date,” Angus wrote. Additionally, he used the hashtags Euphoria and Fexi.

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To be sure, “Fexi” is a mashup of the words “Fez” and “Lexi”. Interestingly, similar hashtags are being traded on social media sites following the premiere of Euphoria’s second season. Additionally, the series has been renewed for a third season in February 2022!

Angus Cloud does not appear to be in a romantic relationship at the moment. And Maude Apatow, for her part, maintains a low profile. They were, however, unable to avoid becoming the subject of continuing talk! On the one hand, some fans believe Maude is dating Lukas Gage.

On the other hand, others assume that Angus is dating another co-star from the HBO MAX series’ second season. And she is none other than Sydney Martin, a well-known American model. However, neither party has provided confirmation! However, there is something you may be interested in knowing if you are a fan of “Flexi”! And for that, the following section is waiting for you!

Maude Apatow expresses her feelings regarding her on-screen character!

Maude Apatow admitted that she is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love they have received since the series’s premiere. She stated that she was already aware that people would adore it but had no idea how many individuals would be on the list of those who adored their performance.

Then, following her on-screen romance, she expressed her desire to see Fezco and Lexi’s romance develop. She added that she and director Sam Levinson had spent hours debating this. Additionally, Maude Apatow stated that she and Angus Cloud have a hilarious real-world friendship!

Who is Angus Cloud Dating in Real Life?

According to reports, Angus Cloud is in a love connection with Sydney Martin. She is a well-known American model who appears in the premiere episode of HBO MAX’s second season. However, at the time, nothing is confirmed. Deuxmoi, who received an anonymous tip, was the first to reveal the pair.

It made reference to Sydney Martin’s appearance in Euphoria season 2, specifically her conversation with Cloud’s on-screen brother, Ashtray, in episode 1. Additionally, Sydney Martin hinted of introducing a hidden guy in a TikTok video that has since been deleted. On her Instagram Story, she had reposted Cloud’s shot.


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