Sherri Papini’s Ex-boyfriend: Who Conspired Her Fake Kidnapping in Redding CA| All About Sherri’s Fake Kidnapping and Incarceration!

James Reyes, Sherri Papini’s ex-boyfriend, told authorities that she convinced him that Keith was abusing her and that she needed help to get away from him, so she convinced him to pick her up.

Papini has been charged with mail fraud and providing false statements to a federal law enforcement official.

Who Is Sherri Papini’s Ex-Boyfriend James Reyes? 

According to, James Reyes, 37, is the ex-boyfriend who concealed California Sherri Papini for 22 days. Papini is accused of lying about her kidnapping in order to hang out with an ex-boyfriend, according to authorities.

Previously, he lived in Costa Mesa, California. After exchanging love texts with her for weeks, he picked up the mother of two in a rental car on the day she vanished. He claimed the two spent three weeks hiding in his Costa Mesa apartment, where he helped her fabricate her injuries when she returned home, including a brand on her shoulder.

sherri papini ex boyfriend

Reyes admitted to dropping Papini out on the side of the road in Woodland as her twisted plot came to an end. When questioned about his role in the fake, he admitted it after male DNA was discovered on Papini’s underpants.

Reyes, an athletic shop employee, said police he suspected Papini was in a violent relationship and drove to her hometown of Redding to pick her up after she asked for help fleeing.

Sherri Papini’s Fake Kidnapping!

It’s time to get into the hot topic that’s been dominating the airwaves lately. Sherri’s husband claims that everything was fine a few years ago, but she disagrees. On the morning of November 2, 2016, Sherry left the house and never returned. Her husband Keith was beginning to worry about her after being kept waiting for so long.

And he scoured the area for so long without finding a single clue as to where Sherri may be, and he eventually gave up hope. Sherri resurfaced on Thanksgiving Day, a few weeks later, on the 24th of November. She appeared to be in terrible shape, and her clothes were soiled.

When Keith filed a claim for her missing wife later. As a result, the police showed up to speak with Sherri about what had occurred the previous morning. Two Hispanic ladies allegedly kidnapped her, she claimed.

The two Hispanic ladies who kidnapped her were immediately under investigation by police. For nearly five years, authorities conducted extensive searches for these women. Sherri was not kidnapped and the Hispanic woman never existed, according to recent revelations.

Indeed, Sherri left her husband and two children behind in favour of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She was with her boyfriend the entire time she was missing. When she returned, she made up stories so that no one would be able to find out the truth.

However, a few days ago, the truth came out, and Sherri Papini was arrested on March 20, 2022. The FBI arrested Sherri Papini on March 3, 2022, for fabricating her kidnapping and lying to federal officials. People are also gossiping about Sherri Papini’s divorce. However, the pair has yet to confirm this.

Sherri Papini is Arrested!

On Thursday night, 39-year-old Papini was taken into custody on suspicion of fabricating her kidnapping in 2016. It was a case that gripped the nation – a healthy young mother who went for a jog near her house in Redding, California, vanished after returning.

Three weeks later, she was found assaulted and injured, and she informed authorities that two Hispanic women kidnapped her. After weeks of flirtatious text exchanges with the mother of two, Reyes, a former Costa Mesa resident, picked her up in a rental car on the day she vanished.

When she got home, she had a mark on her shoulder, thanks to Reyes and the two of them hiding out in his Costa Mesa apartment for three weeks.

Sherri Papini’s Relationship History!

According to the sources, Sherri Papini and David Dreyfus were previously married. Later, in 2007, she filed for divorce from him. Sherri married Keith Papini for the second time in 2009, two years after their divorce.

When we search her current husband Keith Papini’s photos, it appears that she was a happy and contented wife. Additionally, Tyler Papini and Violet Papini are the couple’s two children. And it’s safe to say that they’re a wonderful family unit.

sherri papini ex boyfriend

The actuality, however, is rather different. Things between the couple haven’t been going as well as they appear recently. Together, the pair is dealing with a variety of issues.

Because of this, Sherri has gained so much media attention. In addition, since she was arrested, the public has assumed that the couple has broken up. Despite this, we are still unsure about Sherri and Keith Papini’s divorce.


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