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Robert Sylvester Kelly was born on January 8, 1967, in Chicago’s south side. He left high school to pursue a career as a subway musician. He gained notoriety after winning a $100,000 award on the television talent show Big Break. Kelly signed with Jive Records in 1991 and released his group Public Announcement’s debut album “Born into the 90s” in 1993.


Robert Sylvester Kelly

Genre Singer\Rapper
Age 47  years
Birth January 8, 1967, in Chicago’s south side
Net Worth -$2 million
Relationship Status Single

Kelly married Aaliyah in secret in 1994, albeit the marriage was later dissolved. In 1996, he married dancer Andrea Lee, with whom he had three children until separating in 2009. R Kelly’s career has been marred by controversy throughout the years. He was arrested and charged with having sex with a minor. Ultimately, he was acquitted of all 14 charges.

R. Kelly’s Net Worth!

Kelly’s actual net worth is unknown, however, Celebrity Net Worth estimates him to be worth less than $2 million, implying that he is heavily in debt. According to the storey, he had a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars, possibly as high as $100 million, but is now in the negative.

R. Kelly’s Success!

R. Kelly released his self-titled first album, “12 Play,” in November 1993. The album was later certified six times platinum, mostly due to the track “Bump n’ Grind.” Simultaneously, Kelly launched a career as a record producer for other musicians. He produced and co-wrote Aaliyah’s whole debut album.

In 1995, he sold four million copies of his album “R. Kelly.” Soon afterwards, his track “I Believe I Can Fly” reached the top of the charts and was nominated for three Grammy Awards.

In the 2000s, Kelly published a string of multi-platinum albums, as well as the multi-part hip-hop opera Trapped in the Closet, which he distributed in segments to radio stations. The final instalment was made available to the public in the spring of 2010.

R.Kelly Net Worth (2)

R Kelly has 14 studio albums, five compilations, and three collaborations to his credit. Kelly has received scores of prizes in addition to his three Grammys, including several AMAs, a BET award, and numerous Billboard awards.

His most recent releases, “Black Panties” and “The Buffet,” came out in 2013 and 2015. He has also taken part in 12 official world tours between 1994 and 2013.

How did R. Kelly lose his money?

If R. Kelly had never encountered legal difficulties, his net worth may likely have surpassed $50-100 million. Kelly has reportedly spent tens of millions of dollars to supposedly resolve hundreds of lawsuits brought by women alleging abuse at the hands of the singer.

Kelly reportedly lost a sizable amount of his net worth during his divorce from Andrea Lee, his wife from 1996 until 2009, during the peak of his career. Kelly owes $5 million in delinquent taxes stretching back seven years, it was revealed in 2012.

He lost his Chicago house to foreclosure in 2013 after failing to make mortgage payments since 2010. He was evicted from two properties in the Atlanta region in 2018 after failing to pay over $30,000 in back rent and fees. He previously rented a townhouse in Chicago’s Trump Tower.

R. Kelly faced Financial and legal difficulties!

R. Kelly published a 19-minute song on Spotify in July 2018 in which he addressed numerous allegations. Kelly said in this song that she is broke and needs to tour “simply to pay the rent.” Additionally, he admits to owing the IRS $20 million at one point and having to borrow several million dollars from his record label to pay debts.

His financial difficulties are exacerbated by the fact that he is unable to tour in a number of countries due to his controversies, and his US tours are routinely cancelled due to protests. Additionally, Spotify and other streaming sites have removed his music from their public playlists.

Individuals can continue to stream their songs on Spotify through their own accounts, but they will no longer be recommended in public playlists such as Discover Weekly or other Spotify-curated playlists and radio channels.

Chicago building inspectors were granted the authority to search R. Kelly’s recording studio in January 2019 after receiving complaints that the structure had been subjected to several unpermitted changes.

R. Kelly does not own the studio; since 2017, he has rented it. The 8000-square-foot structure was actually listed for sale for $4 million at the time of the inspection.

R.Kelly Net Worth (1)

Simultaneously, the building owner sued R. Kelly for unpaid rent. Kelly’s rent was $23,000 per month, according to the lawsuit, and he had not paid in seven months. At the time of the petition, he owed the landlord $167,000 in rent.

R. Kelly was arrested in late February 2019 on a slew of fresh charges. Bail was set at $1 million, which could have been satisfied with a payment of $100,000. Unfortunately, Kelly was so strapped for cash that it took him many days to come up with the funds.

Indeed, it was reported that the $100,000 came from a woman named Valencia Love, the nature of whom is unknown. While Kelly was incarcerated, his ex-wife Andrea filed a lawsuit for unpaid child support in the amount of $160,000.








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