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Anna Sorokin (born January 23, 1991) is a convicted con artist and fraudster of Russian and German origin. Between 2013 to 2017, Sorokin pretended to be Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress.

In 2017, she was detained on charges of scamming or purposefully tricking large financial institutions, banks, hotels, and contacts in the United States for around $275,000. Sorokin was convicted of attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree, and theft of services in New York state court in 2019 and sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison.

Sorokin is now being held in the custody of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement pending deportation. Netflix acquired the rights to a Sorokin production and developed a television adaption of her storey, Inventing Anna, which premiered in 2022 and starred actress Julia Garner.

Sorokin maintains satirical social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. She connected with Julia Fox via Instagram and is currently planning a partnership with her. Sorokin wrote a mocking letter to Donald Trump in January 2021, predicting that he would become a prisoner at Rikers Island.


Anna Sorokin 

Genre A Russian con artist and fraudster
Age   30 years
Birth January 23, 1991,  in Domodedovo, a working-class satellite town south of Moscow
Net Worth $60 million
Relation with Hunter Lee Soik

Sorokin lived in New York for two years before relocating to the United Arab Emirates. Despite maintaining his anonymity, Sorokin revealed that her partner delivered TED presentations and was featured in The New Yorker.

She suggested that in exchange for a fee, she would divulge his name, with bidding starting at $10,000.  Sorokin invested in technology and cryptocurrency in 2019. At the time, one of her ambitions was to operate an investment fund.

Who was the real boyfriend of Anna Delvey?

While Chase is claimed to be modelled on Anna’s real-life boyfriend, Jessica Pressler’s original New York Magazine piece provided little information regarding his identity. Pressler’s narrative made reference to a “lover [Sorokin] was hanging out with for a while,” albeit he was not identified.

Anna Delvey previously stated on her Instagram Story that she would charge $10,000 (about £7,300) to expose the true identity of Chase, writing last week, “Want to know who the real ‘Chase’ is? The highest-bidding media organisation receives the exclusive. Bidding begins at $10,000. To bid, DM.”

Numerous sources have confirmed to Page Six that Anna dated Hunter Lee Soik in the past. According to one source, “Hunter is the one who brought her into the scene.” He is a sociable individual on a worldwide scale. Nobody knew what he did, but he was constantly imparting wisdom on how to ascend the corporate ladder.”

Who Is Anna Sorokin Boyfriend

“He’s connected to a lot of very social individuals in the IT industry,” a second person noted. Hunter’s LinkedIn profile includes a picture of him presenting a TED Talk, which corresponds to Pressler’s description of Anna’s boyfriend as “on the TED-Talks circuit.”

Additionally, Pressler said that Anna’s lover, “The Futurist,” had “moved to the Emirates” – with Hunter’s LinkedIn profile also indicating that he worked in Dubai for a while.

Hunter’s LinkedIn profile now describes him as the founder and executive chairman of the ens group, a Hong Kong-based “Family Office and Venture Studio focused on investing in and supporting frontier technology and breakthrough product experiences.” Meanwhile, the Instagram account @hunterleesoik has been changed to private.

Who is Hunter Lee Soik?

As with Chase, Soik is a digital entrepreneur who created and pushed an app that allows users to “cloud-sourced” their ambitions. According to The New Yorker, he began his career as a photographer, model, and actor, and appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial.

He later established his own production firm, collaborating with labels such as Vans and Stella McCartney, as well as performing on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s 2011 Watch the Throne tour. He claims that he came up with the idea for Shadow during his first vacation following the tour.

“I slept more than I was up for the first week,” he recounted to The New Yorker. “One day, I believed I had slept two hours when, in fact, I had slept twenty-six. I hadn’t dreamed in four or five hours a night, but I resumed dreaming.

I imagined I would return to the drudgery of my previous existence, and hence desired to preserve these dreams. I bought an app but couldn’t find one.” There is still none.

According to a 2014 profile by Fast Company, “Soik lives in temporary leased residences in Berlin, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles—often discovered on Airbnb—and wears exclusively black.”

Where is Hunter Lee Soik, Anna Delvey’s boyfriend, from?

According to The New Yorker, Soik was born in Korea. He was then adopted and nurtured in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin until he was an adult and moved to California.

How did Hunter Lee Soik and Anna Delvey meet?

Though the circumstances surrounding their first meeting are unknown, Delvey and Soik are claimed to have met in 2014, according to a post on her Instagram, and insiders allege that he assisted Delvey in her social climb.

“Hunter is the one who brought her into the fray. He is a worldwide social person,” a source told Page Six. “No one knew what he did, but he was constantly imparting wisdom on how to ascend the corporate ladder.” “He’s connected to a lot of very social individuals in the tech industry,” another insider explained.

Is Anna Delvey still dating Hunter Lee Soik?

Delvey and Soik are no longer a couple. According to The Cut, the pair had been working together for roughly two years, appearing in locations favoured by the itinerant wealthy, staying in fancy hotels, and organising scene-y dinners where the Futurist promoted his app and Delvey discussed the exclusive club she desired to open.

The duo reportedly parted ways in 2016 when Soik relocated to the United Arab Emirates and Delvey began her ascension up the New York City social ladder. According to a source at Page Six, no one truly lamented the breakup of Soik and Delvey, complaining, “Anna and her boyfriend were not glamorous; they were simply unpleasant.”

She was impolite and gossiped about others. She was not a pleasant person to be around. The folks who enjoyed spending time with her were impressed by her approach… She briefly met renowned people, but they were not her pals. She was continuously contacting individuals. She was perpetually in need of a favour. She desired to socialise and encounter wealthy individuals.”


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