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Sarah Jessica Parker (born March 25, 1965) is an actress and television producer from the United States. She is most known for her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO television series Sex and the City (1998–2004), for which she received two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Sarah Jessica Parker was born in Nelsonville, Ohio, the daughter of Barbara Parker (née Keck), a teacher and nursery school operator, and Stephen Parker, an entrepreneur and journalist.

Name  Sarah Jessica Parker
Birth March 25, 1965, in Nelsonville, Ohio
Age 56 years
Genre American Actress, Producer
Relationship Status  Single
Net Worth $ 150 Million

She was one of eight children born to her parents and mother’s second marriage; among her full siblings are actors Timothy Britten Parker and Pippin Parker. When Parker was 3+12 years old, her parents split, and her mother married Paul Forste, a truck driver and account executive.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth in 2022

Parker’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s House!

Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick inhabit a West Village townhouse that was originally intended to be two townhouses combined into one enormous residence. In 2016, the couple paid $34.5 million for the property.]

They sold their previous Manhattan property for $15 million in late 2020, after purchasing it for $3 million in 2000, implying a sizable profit. Additionally, the pair possessed a Greenwich Village house that they purchased for $19 million in 2011 with the intention of flipping but ultimately sold for $18.25 million in 2015.

How much money did Sarah Jessica Parker earn from the original Sex and the City series?

Michael Patrick King, the show’s writer and executive producer, revealed on the Origins With James Andrew Miller podcast in 2018 that Parker was paid the highest salary of the main cast (which also included Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon) from the start due to her established status as an A-list name.

“The show would not exist without Sarah Jessica being the show’s blonde star, that is No. 1. Kim was not at the pinnacle of her career, Kristin was a lesser-known actress, and Cynthia was a stage actress—and their contracts reflected this.”

He continued, “Parker’s name was contractually, legally, and rightfully the only name on the poster due to the fact that she was a movie star in 1998 when the series began, and she took a leap to do a show about sex on the channel that did the fights [HBO], and it doesn’t matter how popular you are.”

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Though Parker’s actual compensation for the original series has not been disclosed, it is estimated that she earned around $50 million for the show’s first three seasons. Parker earned $3.2 million per episode of SATC after becoming a producer on the programme in Season 4.

If that amount is accurate, she earned $147 million for the 46 episodes that comprised the final three seasons. Indeed, Parker’s rumoured SATC salary places her as television’s highest-paid per-episode star.

Parker earned an estimated $15 million for the first Sex and the City film in 2008, and another $20 million for Sex and the City 2 in 2010.

How did Sarah Jessica Parker become Famous?

Even if SATC never gained traction, Parker would be able to support herself well through her earnings from other projects, as she has been acting since she was nine years old. Following her Broadway debut as Annie, she worked steadily in television during the 1980s, branching out into film in the 1990s with famous films such as Hocus Pocus, Ed Wood, and The First Wives Club.

She starred in The Family Stone, Failure to Launch, and Smart People in the 2000s; in the 2010s, she starred in I Don’t Know How She Does It, New Year’s Eve, and Escape From Planet Earth, as well as HBO’s Divorce. Parker is also now working on a Hocus Pocus sequel.

How much does Sarah Jessica Parker make from her merchandise?

Parker is an astute businesswoman—and a stylish one at that! She debuted her Bitten couture brand at Steve & Barry’s in 2007. Six years later, she capitalised on her Carrie Bradshaw footwear expertise to start her own SJP shoe line.

She debuted her own sustainable design brand for Gap Kids in 2018. Parker also has her own scent line: Stash, Covet, Lovely, Lovely Collections: Dawn, Endless, Twilight, Lovely You, SJP NYC, and SJP NYC Crush. To us, this smells like success!

Parker’s kingdom reaches well beyond the confines of the closet. She is also the editorial director of SJP for Hogarth, where she selects works of fiction for her publishing label, and she has her own wine brand, Invivo x SJP.


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