Deepti and Kyle Dating: Everything Love Is Blind’s Kyle and Deepti Have Said About Their Potential Romance!


Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati didn’t end up with their respective fiancés on Love is Blind, but they may have found love elsewhere.

Fans of the Netflix reality show speculated that a relationship was blooming between the two participants after the construction worker admitted that his “greatest regret” was not proposing to Deepti during the season 2 reunion.

Kyle admitted at the time, “I should have tried harder for [Deepti].” “I adore her; she is the finest.” And my biggest regret is that I didn’t see what was right in front of me. Please accept my apologies.”

Deepti wasn’t astonished by the strength of his sentiments, even though his proclamation of love surprised the audience. In March 2022, Deepti told New York Magazine, “A lot of people don’t know that Kyle and I had a really strong connection in the pods.”

“It wasn’t out of the blue because he was my No. 2 person.” We do share a fundamental bond. It was both uplifting and delightful to hear.”

“The conjecture is funny,” she continued about their relationship. We’re joking about with [fans], but it’s amusing. Kyle and I have an incredible friendship.”

Kyle, for his part, added fuel to the romance allegations by posting many TikTok videos of his spending time with the information data analyst around the same time.

He released a video from an event in early March, panning over to reveal Deepti standing behind him before smiling at the camera.

The next day, Kyle shared a video from a Chicago Fire soccer game in which he appeared to be holding the hand of one of his fellow contestants.

Deepti accepted Abhishek’s “Shake” Chatterjee’s proposal in the pods before calling it quits on their wedding day in the finale.

For frequently confessing during the experiment that he didn’t find his then-partner physically attractive, the veterinarian received a lot of flak, particularly from Kyle, who accused him of “waste[ing] such a good opportunity” with her.

Deepti told Us Weekly exclusively in February ahead of the finale, “There are a lot of things he said that he didn’t say to my face and [things] I’ve heard from other cast members.”

“I just don’t have room in my life for anyone who doesn’t see me in the best light.” And I’m not sure who could possibly consider such things. [On the day of our wedding], I knew exactly what I had to do.

No one should have any reservations about me, and I am deserving of nothing but the best. So, if you’re not going to be able to provide it for me, then there’s no way I’m staying.”

While it’s uncertain whether Kyle can provide Deepti with the qualities she seeks in a partner, the two have hinted that they might be more than pals.

Being Deserving of the Best!

“I knew what I had to do,” Deepti said of her choice to break her relationship with Shake ahead of the Netflix series’ finale in February 2022. “On our wedding day, no one should have any reservations about me, and I deserve the best.” So, if you’re not going to be able to provide that for me, there’s no way I’m staying.”

His Biggest Regret!

“I am deeply remorseful. “My biggest regret is that I should have asked Deepti to marry me,” Kyle said during the March 2022 reunion. “That was the most valuable lesson I took away from the event.” “I messed up.”

Taking Stock of Everything!

In an interview with Us, Kyle echoed the same sentiments, stating that if he could redo the experiment, he would make different decisions.

In March 2022, he commented, “I suppose I would have tried harder with my two other lovers.” “I felt like I had given up on one individual in particular, and I should have given it a lot more effort.” Actually, it’s a great regret of mine.”

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Making Sense of It!

Deepti Vempati told Elite Daily that she and Kyle were “figuring it out” in the real world, despite rumours that they had started dating.

“Not many people know that in the pods, we had a pretty close relationship,” she remarked. “I was having a hard time deciding between Shake and Kyle.” We’re just trying to figure out what’s going on. Right now, we have a lot on our plates. We’ll see how things go.”

“Peas in a Pod”!

Deepti shared a behind-the-scenes shot with Sal Perez and Shayne Jansen wearing matching blue clothes on the day the reunion was aired, joking that they were “blue peas in a pod.” Kyle, who was photographed with his arms around his costar, responded by joking that he “did not grasp the task.”

What Happened to Deepti’s Love Life?

Deepti uploaded another photo from the reunion three days later, this time with all of the participants in attendance and the caption “Oh, but I did find love.” Kyle responded with a snide remark, simply stating, “Did you?”

An Unexpected Rivalry

Deepti revealed that she didn’t understand why her ex-fiancé was so unhappy with their costar after Shake accused Kyle of being a “serial cheater” ahead of the reunion. She told E! News, “Kyle has never done anything to Shake.” “I’m not sure if that originated from the fact that Kyle and I were close, but he knew we were close the whole time, so it’s nothing new for him.” It was perplexing to me, as it was to the rest of the world.”

Still lingering

Deepti stated on the “We Have the Receipts” podcast in March 2022 that she and Kyle have stayed friends since the show ended. “Even before the reunion, Kyle and I would hang out all the time,” she explained. “I mean, he’s my best friend.” So, I’m not sure, we’ll see where it leads.”

Deepti responded, “That’s the best way, create a friendship first.” When cohost Lauren Speed-Hamilton mentioned that friends often become lovers, Deepti said, “That’s the best way, build a friendship first.” Let’s see if it takes off. We’ll see how things turn out.”

Something ‘Beautiful’

“It’s just incredibly beautiful,” Vanessa Lachey, cohost of Love Is Blind, told Us exclusively in March 2022 about the couple’s probable revived romance. “It’s back to the pods, you know, and this is all part of the experiment,” she says.

So, the emotional connection is the foundation, and [Deepti] did have one with [Kyle]. Then you bring in the layers of the physical world, such as your family, friends, employment, and past, and it all works in their favour.”

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“I think it’s fantastic to already know you have that connection and then to be able to continue it in the real world when the show is over,” she added.

Sighting at Brunch

Kyle and Deepti were spotted out and about in Chicago in March 2022 by a fan. A woman stepped out of a restaurant in a video published on TikTok to inform the couple that there was no line at the restaurant they’d just passed.

“Let me get you a mimosa!” she exclaimed. After a little discussion, the twosome turned around and headed back, as if they had accepted the woman’s offer.


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