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Laverne Cox was born in Mobile, Alabama on May 29, 1972. She was raised by her single mother and grandmother in the AME Zion church and has an identical twin brother named M Lamar.

Cox was ridiculed as a child for not acting manly enough, and she attempted suicide when she was 11 years old. She received her initial education at Birmingham’s Alabama School of Fine Arts, where she studied creative writing before switching to dance.

Following that, Cox spent two years at Indiana University Bloomington before transferring to Marymount Manhattan College. She began studying acting at the latter school.

Name  Laverne Cox
Birth May 29, 1972, in Mobile, Alabama
Age 49 years
Genre American actress and LGBT advocate
Relation With Mystery Man
Net Worth $6 Million

What is Laverne Cox’s Salary and Net Worth?

Laverne Cox has a net worth of $6 million as an actress, reality television personality, and television producer in the United States. Laverne Cox is best recognised for her portrayal of Sophia Burset on Netflix’s critically praised series “Orange Is the New Black.”

She was the first transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for acting for the role. Cox has been in a number of other shows and films, as well as on the covers of several magazines.

Who Is Laverne Cox’s Boyfriend?

On the 28th of January, Cox went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she revealed that she has been in a relationship since November/December of the previous year.

While Cox did not reveal the identity of her partner or any personal information about him, she did divulge quite a few specifics about their six-month relationship.

laverne cox boyfriend (1)

She explained that she and her boyfriend met on Tinder and that they had been building their relationship gently.

While they had only met for around six months prior to November/December, they had fallen in love and had made their relationship official at the end of the year.

Her new lover is 22 years younger than Cox, and she said that this is his first time ever dating a transgender woman in an interview with E!

The identity of Laverne Cox’s new boyfriend remains a mystery!

Now that the actress is connected with a new person, she has no intention of disclosing the details of her relationship to the public for the time being. As she said to Ellen DeGeneres, “I have no idea what is going to happen in the future, so we’re just staying in the moment and having fun for the time being.”

It’s just a matter of waiting and seeing where it takes us.” And I appreciate the fact that we’re tackling it in this manner.” She went on to say that she had no wish to put him in the middle of a media frenzy. The Promising Young Woman actress elaborated, saying,

He’s incredibly nice and amusing, and we’ve had a great time laughing and enjoying ourselves. He’s not going to play games with you. He’s just being himself, and he’s nice and kind and real and funny and amazing in all the ways that matter to me.

And he’s 20 years younger than I am, to top it off. So that’s the end of it all. I prefer to date males who are younger than me. In addition, I’m not sure I want to be dragging him around on social media.

I have no plans to make this one public at any point in the future. When I was in my last relationship, it just felt natural. This time around, however, for a variety of reasons, I’m not sure I want to go that route. That means no more images of him on Instagram for the foreseeable future!


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