Is Tyler Henry Still Involved in a Romantic Relationship? What Is the Identity of Tyler Henry’s Friend Charlie?


Tyler Henry Koelewyn is an American reality television star who portrays a clairvoyant medium in the series Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. In January 2016, the series premiered on the E! Television Network in the United States.

Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side, Henry’s memoir, was released in November 2016. Sceptical campaigners and others, such as John Oliver, who are concerned about Henry’s popularity, have worked hard to dispel the public’s belief that what Henry does reflects reality.

Critics have claimed that Henry’s readings are based on fraudulent cold reading and hot reading tactics rather than “psychic” abilities and that his TV show targets grieving and vulnerable people.

Originally from Hanford, California, a small rural town near Fresno, Henry is a writer and performer. He graduated from Sierra Pacific High School in Hanford, California, but chose not to further his education beyond that point. Henry is a gay man who is not ashamed of his sexual orientation.

Tyler Henry’s E! show pays him how much every episode?

Tyler Henry’s self-titled Hollywood Medium show produces an estimated $3 million per episode, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Tyler has written a book and made live engagements across the United States in addition to his work on the E! show, which started in 2016.

Who Is Tyler Henry Dating?

Tyler Henry is in a romantic relationship with Clint Godwin. A number of times, he has mentioned his partner, and in a 2019 interview, he stated that he is happy with their current situation and has no plans to marry him at this moment.

Both of their social media pages are filled with images of them together, something they have been doing for several years. They are frequently spotted together at award ceremonies, as well as while travelling.

tyler henry boyfriend (1)

Clinical photographer Clint Godwin operates his own company, Clint Godwin Photography. Tyler has a guy boyfriend with whom he has been living for quite some time.

Tyler Henry’s Gay Relationship with Clint Godwin!

Clint Godwin is Tyler Henry’s boyfriend, and they have a gay relationship! From as far back as 2017, Tyler Henry has been in a relationship with Clint Godwin. Clint and Tyler met for the first time while Tyler was performing an aloud reading for Clint’s grandma.

After being pictured together since the beginning of 2018, it is safe to assume that Tyler and Clint have been dating for more than three years. CLINT GODWIN PHOTOGRAPHY is owned and operated by Clint Godwin (@clintxgodwin), who is a professional photographer and painter who specialises in portrait photography.

Clint says that his paintings are incredibly spontaneous, and he has no idea what the end product will look like until he starts working on them. Aside from that, he regularly updates his social media accounts with photos of his sold paintings.


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