Who Was Gretta Vedler Boyfriend Before Death? What Was Her Cause of Death?


More than a year after her disappearance, Gretta Vedler a 23-year-old Russian model was discovered dead in a suitcase. Dmitry Korovin, Gretta Vedler’s ex-boyfriend, admits to killing her over a money dispute, then hacking into her social media accounts and uploading stuff as if she were still alive.

Korovin told detectives that he strangled Vedler and then spent three nights alone in a hotel room with her body. He later placed her body into a bag and drove over 300 miles across the nation, leaving it in a car’s boot.

Korovin, who is also 23, admitted that in order to avoid being detected, he continued to upload images and exchange messages from the model’s social media accounts in order to deceive friends and family into believing she was still alive.

However, one of her close friends, Evgeniy Foster, became suspicious, urging another friend to file a missing person’s report in Moscow. Following the discovery of Vedler’s body, her ex-boyfriend allegedly demonstrated how he killed her and confessed fully.

What did She say About Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Previously, the model had spoken out against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s leadership, using her position to express her displeasure. In January 2021, a month before her death, she used social media to call him a “psychopath” [per Metro].

“I can only assume, in my opinion, that he exhibits a definite psychopathy or sociopathy,” she wrote. “Psychopaths value a constant sense of fullness and sharpness in their lives, therefore they enjoy danger, intense experiences, intense conversation, intense action — a life that is intense and dynamic. Perhaps he truly wants to improve Russia’s integrity and sincerely wishes the Russian people well.”

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“But can he actually do anything?” she asked her followers at the end of her post. “I believe you know the answer to this issue yourself,” he said sarcastically.

The Ukrainian people have been subjected to increasing strife and brutality from Russia in recent weeks, with about three million people fleeing the nation to seek safety in Europe.

Why are people linking her death to Russian President Vladimir Putin?

This isn’t the first time someone has died as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions. Many times, the Russian President’s name has been linked to many Russian females, and according to reports, everyone who dared to challenge him had to die. As a result, there is no way that the death of the model Russian President could not be linked.

As we all know, the war between Ukraine and Russia has been going on for more than 15 days, and thousands of people have perished as a result of it. The world is well aware that Russia is a powerful nation that is waging a war against Ukraine, and many countries do not want Russia to win.

So it might be a ruse to destabilise Russian President Vladimir Putin, or it could be true. There isn’t much that can be said right now. Many nations, including Canada and the United Kingdom, have imposed sanctions on Russia in order to put an end to the war. As a result, nothing could be foreseen at this point.


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