What is Royce Reed Dating Now? Why did Royce and Desmond break up?


Hello there! You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to learn more about Royce Reed’s romantic history. Basketball Wives, a popular reality television program, helped Royce Reed become well-known.

Fans have been interested in her love relationships over the years, in addition to her outspoken attitude and distinctive sense of style. We have the inside information about Royce Reed’s current romantic partner.

We’ll go into detail regarding Royce’s present romantic situation in this post and offer you a peek at her past relationships. Make yourself at home and let’s find out who this reality TV star is now dating!

What is Royce Reed Dating Now?

If you’re a fan of Royce Reed from “Basketball Wives,” you might be interested in learning about her current love life. The truth is that Royce is currently single. She prefers to keep her private affairs secret, and despite years of rumors and conjecture over her romantic life, she hasn’t lately made any new public affirmations.

Royce has been linked to a number of basketball stars in the past, including the father of her son and former Orlando Magic player Dwight Howard.

Royce’s relationship status may not be public knowledge, but we’re confident that she’s committed to living her best life and spending time with her loved ones, whether or not that includes a romantic partner.

Why did Royce and Desmond break up?

Royce and Dezmon got off to a good start in their relationship. Nonetheless, it did not take very long at all for their relationship to become strained and eventually end.

After the revelation that Dezmon had been having an affair with the woman who was carrying his child, Royce made the decision to officially end their relationship.

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Royce and Dezmon have chosen to give their previous relationship another shot, despite the fact that it ended on a sour note.

Why Was Royce Reed Arrested?

On March 11, 2022, Reed surrendered to the police in Orange County, Florida. According to records obtained by Radar, the reality star was charged with child neglect, a third-degree felony.

According to reports, a judge ordered her son to stay away from youngsters under the age of two unless escorted by an adult. Reed’s son allegedly defied the judge’s orders, resulting in Reed’s arrest, according to reports.

Reed reported Howard to child services nearly a decade ago for allegedly whipping their child. Howard acknowledged using a belt on his son in 2014, but TMZ adds that he didn’t see anything wrong with it because it was a form of discipline he had received as a child.

The injuries depicted in the photographs Reed gave were not caused by the belt, according to an examination.


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