Evan Rachel Wood and Manson’s Relationship Timeline| Evan Rachel Wood Accused Marilyn Manson of Sexual Abuse and Rape!


Evan Rachel Wood was born on September 7, 1987, in Raleigh, North Carolina to actor and director parents Sara Lynn Moore and Ira David Wood III. Wood and her brothers were raised in the Jewish faith by their mother, who had converted to Judaism. The children were all active members of Theatre in the Park, a local community theatre group, where their father served as executive director.

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson’s Relationship Timeline!

2006:Wood and Manson met at Chateau Marmont!

In 2006, the two met at a gathering at Los Angeles’ iconic Chateau Marmont before going public with their relationship the following year.

2007: They made their romance public!

During an interview with Elle after Manson and Von Teese split in 2007, Wood stated she and the musician “suddenly stared into one another’s eyes and knew.” In 2007, she began dating the musician in public, knowing that her decision would be met with severe criticism.

“One day, I looked at my mother and said, “Mom, I’m going to hop on this tour bus for eight months and explore the globe and have a crazy journey and find myself,” she told Rolling Stone.

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“If people aren’t OK with that, I’m sorry, but I can’t live my life for other people,” she added.

Despite this, Wood claims she was “demonised” for her association with Manson. “When I walked down the street, people would call me a w——, and you can’t help but be upset by that,” she added.

May 2007:Wood starred in an intimate, gory music video with Manson 

Wood appeared in Manson’s NSFW music video for his 2007 track “Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand),” which drew a lot of criticism at the time.

“At the conclusion of the film, we’re kissing as it’s raining blood — and for me, that was one of the most beautiful moments of my entire life,” Wood told GQ months after the video debuted.

January 2010: They got engaged but broke up 8 months later

They got engaged in January 2010 but then broke up. Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood were engaged in 2010 after an eight-month courtship.

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Manson proposed to Wood on stage in Paris while he was playing. The pair called off their engagement eight months later.

 November 2016: The actress said she had been raped twice

In a letter to Rolling Stone to accompany her 2016 interview, Wood discussed being sexually assaulted. She then went on to tweet the entire statement.

The actress claimed she was raped twice in the letter, once by a “significant other when we were together” and again by “the owner of a bar.”

Wood did not name either of the attackers but said it took her a long time to realise that the previous incident was “rape” because she was in a relationship with the person.

“This was many, many years ago and I, of course, know now neither one was my fault or OK,” she wrote, adding, “This was all before I attempted suicide and I am sure was one of the many variables.”

October 2017: Wood come out why she had not named her alleged abusers

During the #MeToo movement and the crisis surrounding disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, the actress discussed why many women, like herself, do not publicly identify their abusers.

According to Insider, she added in a YouTube video, “I have not named my abusers.” She went on to say, “Not because I don’t intend to utter these names at some point, but because starting that process is an emotionally and financially draining, if not completely depleting, thing to undertake and go through.

And when I’m ready, I’d like to do it.” Wood described them as “incredibly powerful, very rich, very entitled, and extremely narcissistic white men,” though she did not name them.

February 2018: Wood testified in Congress about sexual assault 

During a hearing on the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Protections Act, Wood spoke before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, which awarded assault survivors specific rights at the federal level but not at the state level.

Wood spoke about two episodes of sexual assault, one of which was committed by a domestic partner, during her testimony, which advocated for the extension of rights at the state level.

“It started slowly but progressed over time,” Wood said, “with threats against my life, intense gas-lighting and brainwashing, [and] waking up to the man who professed to love me rapping what he thought was my comatose body.”

“And the worst part: sick rituals of tying me up by my hands and feet and torturing me psychologically and physically until my abuser believed I had proven my love for them,” she continued.

Wood went on to say, “I felt like I could die while I was tied up, tortured, and told unimaginable things. Not only because my abuser said to me, “I could kill you right now,” but also because I felt like I was leaving my body at the time and was too afraid to flee.”

She went on to state that she had long-term PTSD and had suffered with it.”

March 2019:Wood posted on social media as part of the #IAmNotOK movement

Wood talked up about being “weakened by an abusive relationship” and the terrible emotional consequences of her experience in a series of poignant Instagram postings, with the hashtag #IAmNotOK.

“I resorted to self-harm 2 years into my violent relationship,” she said besides a gruesome photo of scratch marks on her arm. “I sliced my wrist to disarm my abuser when he threatened or attacked me.”

It simply put an end to the abuse for the time being. I was desperate to end the constant abuse at the time, but I was too afraid to go.

Wood previously spoke about her two sexual assaults in November 2016 but did not name her assailants at the time.

February 2021: Wood accused Manson of using anti-Semitic and racist slurs

Wood came up with more extensive charges against Manson via Instagram in February 2021, after years of speaking out about her experiences with abuse.

“My abuser’s name is Brian Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson to the rest of the world,” she wrote at the time, adding that she was “done living in fear of reprisal, slander, or blackmail” as a result of telling her storey.

“He began grooming me when I was a youngster and mistreated me horribly for years.” I was misled and brainwashed into servitude. Before he destroys any more lives, I’m here to expose this dangerous man and call out the numerous industries that have allowed him.

I stand with the many victims who are refusing to be silent any longer.” Four more women came out with similar allegations against Manson after her claims made headlines.

Evan Rachel Wood claims that her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson raped her while filming the music video for Heart Shaped Glass.

2 March 2022: Manson launched a defamation complaint against Wood.

According to court documents obtained by Insider, the singer sued Wood for defamation over the sexual-abuse allegations she made against him.

Manson accused Wood and “her on-again, off-again romantic partner” Ashley Gore of portraying him as a “rapist and abuser” in documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, which he called a “malicious untruth” that had “derailed” his career.

He further claimed that Wood and Gore purported to be FBI agents by “forging and disseminating a phoney letter from the agent, to give the false impression that Warner’s supposed ‘victims’ and their families were in danger and that a federal criminal investigation into Warner was underway.”

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“Not only did Wood and Gore use that fabricated FBI letter to persuade others to join their crusade, but they also used it to dupe HBO into distributing a one-sided ‘documentary’ premised on the existence of an entirely fictitious federal investigation,” Manson’s attorney Howard King told Insider in part on Wednesday, March 2.

“Even though HBO and the producers have been informed of these significant acts of wrongdoing, they have chosen to proceed regardless of the facts,” the statement added. “However, the proof of Wood and Gore’s malfeasance is undeniable, and our legal action will hold them accountable.”


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