Oystering Dating: A New Trend for Leveling Up Post-breakup!


With the start of a new year comes a slew of new dating trends. Many people appear to be in a hurry to get married after a lonely two years, with practices like Power PDA and fast-forwarding appearing.

But it’s not just couples who are having a good time in 2022; according to Badoo, it’s all about ‘Oystering’ and accepting one’s single status.

It’s encouraging to see some powerful dating trends emerge for all the singles out there, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, which saw a lot of breakups and some significant dry spells. From miles away, you could nearly hear all the breakup songs playing.

After going cold turkey for so long, FODA (fear of dating again) was on the increase in 2021, but happily, it appears that the singles of the world are ready to get back out there.


So, what is oystering all about? To put it another way, the world is your oyster. It’s all about living your best life and accepting the fact that you’re single, especially if you’ve recently ended a relationship and are eager to jump back into the dating pool.

Singles are feeling more in charge of their love life, whether they’re going on a lot of dates or none at all. According to Badoo, 46 per cent of its users are excited to start dating again in 2022, with 50 per cent wanting to make a good first impression.

Sophie Mann, Badoo’s Global Dating Expert, says: “Dating after a relationship might be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.” Finally, dating should be enjoyable, and what better way to recover from a breakup than to have a good time?”

“We’ve seen a lot of individuals get back into dating, and we think this new trend of grabbing the “dating” day will catch on because many singletons are feeling more secure about going out and achieving what they want.”

2022 is the year to join all of the greatest dating apps and put yourself out there with your crush.


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