Who Is Christina Haack Dating: Haack Opened Up About Her New Relationship and Engagement With His Mystery Man!

Christina Meursinge Haack (born July 9, 1983; formerly El Moussa and Anstead) is an American real estate investor and television personality.

She co-stars with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa on HGTV’s Flip or Flop and has her own HGTV show, Christina on the Coast.

Christina Haack’s net worth!

Christina Haack’s net worth is expected to be approximately $15 million in the year 2022. Her performances on real estate shows have netted her a substantial sum of money.

According to reports, Haack and her ex-husband made $10,000 per episode on HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” in the early years. By the third season of the show, that number had more than quadrupled.

Christina was set to make $50,000 for each episode of her show in the year 2019 when she married Ant Anstead.

Aside from that, she earns money through various brand promotions, and she has a long list of arrangements with a variety of well-known organisations. Christina Haack earns a salary of more than a million dollars per year.

Christina Haack’s Past Relationships!

Marriage to Tarek El Moussa!

Tarek and Christina married in 2009. Taylor, their daughter, was born in 2010, and Brayden, their son, was born in 2015.

Tarek was diagnosed with thyroid and testicular cancer in 2013. When Tarek’s sperm was banked and the couple decided to try in-vitro fertilisation to conceive a second child, doctors prescribed radiation treatment.

Christina’s first effort failed, and her second attempt resulted in a miscarriage. In 2015, she became pregnant with their son.

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Christina returned to work on Flip or Flop four weeks after having her second child. She began to feel overwhelmed, and the couple’s tension began to rise. “We couldn’t communicate well anymore,” she explained.

“It came to the point where we weren’t even travelling to set up together anymore,” says the narrator. After an incident at their Southern California home in May 2016, the couple divorced.

Police discovered Tarek on a nearby hiking route, where he had a pistol. He claimed he had never considered suicide and that he had simply gone on a trip with a rifle to protect himself from wild animals.

“Being separated was healthy for both of us,” Christina said after the incident. In 2017, Tarek and Christina filed for divorce, which was completed in January 2018.

Marriage to Ant Anstead!

She began dating Ant Anstead, an English television broadcaster, in November 2017. She married Anstead on December 22, 2018, in their Newport Beach, California home, and formally changed her name to Christina Anstead, discarding her first husband’s surname.

Hudson London Anstead, the couple’s only child together, was born on September 6, 2019. On September 18, 2020, they announced their separation, and she filed for divorce in November.

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She also dropped her second husband’s surname in favour of her maiden name, Christina Haack. In June 2021, the divorce was finalised.

People magazine reported in July 2021 that Haack is dating realtor Joshua Hall[38][39], and the couple got engaged in September of that year.

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall’s Relationship Timeline!


According to a source who spoke to Us in July 2021, the two met for the first time “a few years” at a real estate conference before reconnecting in Spring 2021.

April 2021

In Tennessee, the pair reconnected.

June 20, 2021

Haack and Anstead’s divorce was finalised exactly nine months after they filed.

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July 7, 2021

On July 7, 2021, Us verified that Haack and Hall had been “dating for a few months.”

July 8, 2021

On July 8, 2021, the reality star made her romance Instagram official.

“The most whimsical/romantic supper,” she captioned a snapshot of the couple sitting side by side on her Instagram Story at the time.

July 2021

Haack hit back at critics who blasted her for moving on shortly after making her relationship Instagram official.

“I met Josh when I wasn’t scared or in a fight-or-flight situation… On July 8, 2021, she stated on Instagram, “I had taken time off social media, hired a spiritual coach, and smoked a Bufo toad (which reset my brain and blasted out years of anxiety in 15 minutes).”

“I may be a little crazy, and I am far from flawless, but I will never spend my life based on the judgements or views of others.”

who is christina haack dating

We take pleasure in never passing judgement on people and always wanting them to be happy, and we would that others treated us with the same respect.

Josh doesn’t use social media, but I’d like to express my gratitude for whisking me away on a lovely tropical vacation that he organised on his own.

July 11, 2021

With the real estate agent, the reality star shared additional images from her Mexico vacation. On July 11, 2021, she commented on Instagram, “Thank you to my guy for kicking off my 38th with a whimsical dream vacation.”

July 20, 2021

The designer thanked her man for sticking by her side amid reports that she and ex-husband El Moussa were feuding on the set of their HGTV show, “Ride or Die.” “Some people are lucky enough to get forever the first time,” she captioned a selfie with Hall.

“No one should be shamed for things not working out and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors,” she added. “Keep that in mind before passing judgement or making assumptions… and this woman/mama is still lucky to have this man select me.”

July 2021

Haack captioned a sequence of images of herself with Hall and her children near the water, “Beach daze with all my babes.”

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While spending the day in the Happiest Place on Earth, the TV personality referred to Hall as her “hunky Disneyland date.”

August 2021

While dining at Mastro’s restaurant in Newport Beach, California, the couple had their phones out.

Haack published an Instagram photo of Hall and his mother riding around in Newport Beach with the comment, “Boat day with pals, my man and his lovely mama.”

“Representing,” Haack captioned a shot of herself wearing a Texas Longhorns T-shirt on Instagram Stories, maybe a gesture to her boyfriend’s home state.

September 2021

Haack used Instagram to send her man a birthday message. On September 19, she captioned a shot of them on the beach, “Happy birthday baby.” “You give me the adolescent love vibe as well as manly protection.”

It’s a winning combination for a lifetime of joy and achievement. Thank you for reminding me of what life and love are like when technology is turned off. Josh, I adore you.

20 September 2021

On September 20, the couple announced their engagement accompanying images from their trip to Mexico. As she posed with her realtor, the gleaming diamond ring on her left hand was visible.

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October 2021

To kick off the Halloween season, the recently engaged pair dressed up for a ’70s-themed party. After making his Instagram profile public, Hall posed with his fiancée on the beach in a black-and-white shot. The only emoji next to Haack’s social media handle on his page is a lock.

Haack captioned a Halloween photo of her kid and new fiancé dressed as characters from Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film E.T. as “E.T. phone home.”

November 2021

Following Thanksgiving, the couple spent a weekend in Napa, California, away from Haack’s children.

“During this week of Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for this incredible woman who always puts me first.” Hall captioned a series of images from the couple’s holiday on Instagram, saying, “With so many other responsibilities in her life, she makes each one appear as if it’s the only one.”

“Thank you for always making me feel special, and for another amazing weekend simply being us.” I’m in love with you.

December 2021

On a double date with his sister, The Hills alum Stacie Adams, Haack uploaded a photo of her and Hall looking close. She commented on Instagram, “Favorite live music spot with my favourite peeps.” “Life in the country is the best life.”

January 2022

The couple began the new year with a romantic getaway. “We’re making a life together while also getting some alone time.” “Love you, Josh,” Haack wrote with a photo of herself and Hall on the beach. They also posted pictures from the pool, a trip in the woods, and a night out.

Haack responded to their relationship’s detractors with a witty Instagram remark. Hall’s mother and sister Stacie Adams, who fans may recognise as “Stacie the Bartender” from The Hills, joined the couple for a family meal.

“Mama coming in as 5th wheel for a great little dinner night with some of my favourites,” Hall captioned a photo of the group on Instagram.


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