Who Is Miguel Mckelvey’s Wife? What Is WeCrashed? Latest Updates!


Miguel McKelvey (born 1974) is an American businessman and the co-founder and former chief cultural officer of WeWork. McKelvey grew raised in Eugene, Oregon is a “five-mother communal.”

His family founded and maintained the Eugene Weekly, a weekly newspaper.  McKelvey described himself as a “wild youngster” on the high school basketball floor in a January 2020 interview with Fortune.

He added that he received a sense of accountability from his coach, who was a rigorous disciplinarian. He stated of Coach Stepp, “I didn’t grow up with my father, so I never had someone telling me to keep in line.”

In 1992, he graduated from South Eugene High School. He originally attended Colorado College and, after seeing a sculpture he created, his professor, Carl Reed, recommended he consider architecture for graduate school.

Name  Miguel McKelvey
Birth 1974
Age 48 years
Genre American businessman and the co-founder and former chief cultural officer of WeWork
Relation With Hiyam McKelvey
Net Worth $900 Million 

In 1999, he transferred to the University of Oregon, where he got a bachelor’s degree in architecture. McKelvey was a two-year member of the Oregon Ducks basketball team.

However, according to the official record book, he only lettered for one year, 1997.

Who is Miguel McKelvey’s wife?

Miguel’s wife, Hiyam McKelvey, is a successful businesswoman who has started her own cosmetics line, Pucker. Pucker was formed in 2013 by her and Julio Sandino, a cosmetics artist.

In New York, Pucker also opened a makeup studio where customers can get the look they want for any event, work, or special occasion. Their first location, in Soho, provided customers with affordable and accessible cosmetics and therapies.

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Her marital status is unknown, although it appears that Miguel and Hiyam’s relationship did not last, as they appear to be divorced. They broke up in 2017 and look to be on separate tracks.

Hiyam appears to be a private individual who is not active on social media. She is a reserved individual who rarely discusses her personal life in public.

What happened to Miguel McKelvey?

According to Time, while McKelvey and Neumann were not the first to come up with the concept of shared workspaces, they were the first to turn it into a business and profit from it.

According to Forbes, the former partners were able to raise roughly $10 billion from investors over the years and enable WeWork to grow from a single office in Manhattan to over 111 locations in 29 states.

Despite WeWork’s success, Neumann resigned as acting CEO in 2018, after the firm reportedly lost $2 billion and he was discovered consuming marijuana on a plane from Israel, according to Esquire.

McKelvey stayed with the company after Neumann’s departure, but they parted ways in July 2020.

“I’ve made one of the most painful decisions of my life after ten years,” she says “According to CNBC, McKelvey stated in an email at the time.

“While leaving is difficult, and I recognise there is much more work to be done, I could only make this decision knowing that this firm and our people are in good hands.”

After leaving WeWork, McKelvey went on to join Known Holdings as a part-time advisor, and in March 2022, he joined the United Kingdom-based company NAYAH as a full-time partner, according to LinkedIn.

According to Forbes, he has amassed a net worth of $2.9 billion as a result of his success in the business sector. Miguel became a full-time partner with NAYAH in March 2022

What is WeCrashed?

Over the years, there have been a number of documentaries created about Neumann’s role at WeWork, and among them is the new Apple TV+ series, WeCrashed.

WeCrashed first premiered on March 18, 2022, and tells the story of McKelvey, Neumann, and his wife Rebekah, who were all at the centre of the rise and fall of one of the world’s most valuable startups.

Kyle Marvin plays McKelvey in the series, which also features Jared Leto as Neumann and Anne Hathaway as McKelvey’s wife.


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