Payal Kadakia’s Husband: Who Is He? Is Payal Kadakia Married to a Punjabi Guy? Latest Updates!


Payal Kadakia is the CEO and co-founder of ClassPass. Her parents were born in the western portion of India and came to the United States. By profession, they are both chemists.

Payal was a cheerleader for the football team at her public school in New Jersey. She enjoyed dancing and did it in her leisure time on weekends.

Kadakia has a strong background in Indian dance. She is also self-taught in Bollywood dancing, having mastered the style from watching movies.

She studied operations research and economics in college and at MIT. She started an Indian dance troupe while in school, and after graduating from MIT, she formed the Sa Dance Company, which she continues to run to this day.

Who Is Payal Kadakia’s Husband?

Payal Kadakia concentrated on her love life after achieving professional success. As of 2019, she is a married woman. Payal Kadakia married Nick Pujji, a lawyer, on May 30, 2016.

The pair have been married for almost three years and is in a happy relationship. What brought them together?

payal kadakia husband

The couple initially met in 2014 at a Super Bowl party in New York hosted by a close friend.

After three years of marriage, the couple appears to be ready for motherhood, and she revealed her pregnancy on September 14, 2019, by uploading a picture of herself on Instagram.

Her son, Zayn, is her pride and joy, and the three of them love spending time together while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

How Payal and Nick Pujji Met?

Payal Kadakia met with lawyer Nick Pujji on February 2, 2014. She was in New York for a Super Bowl party organised by a close friend on her birthday and Super Bowl Sunday.

Nick strolled in during halftime and struck up a conversation with Payal right away. They embarked on their first date two days later, and by Friday, they both knew they’d marry one day.

Niсk рrоposed hеr next to the Eiffеl tоwеr in Paris, and her proposal storey was vеrу bеаutiful. It was a frenzy of activity for the newlyweds, who only had six months to plan their wedding.

Payal’s Wedding With an Indian twist!

Not to mention, she had a lavish wedding ceremony that rivalled her professional achievements. Similarly, their wedding ceremony did not take place on a single day, but rather over several days with multiple activities, and the two of them were married in front of their families, friends, and other well-known figures.

Payal’s major attention, rather than the decor, was to the music, dancing, and mood, which she organised over several days. Several rites took place during the course of the wedding weekend, each having its own symbolic importance.

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Furthermore, their wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Pelican Hill Resort in an outstanding Indian style. She even choreographed a dance for her husband, Nick, according to some publications.

Furthermore, the bride looked stunning in her red wedding Lehenga, which was adorned with several gleaming and gorgeous embellishments. Likewise, the groom looked dashing in his white-golden wedding Sherwani.

Payal as a Billionaire!

She is not just an entrepreneur, but also a revolutionary who revolutionised the way people search and register for fitness classes.

In reality, she is one of America’s most well-known businesswomen, alongside Elizabeth Holmes.

She is currently the company’s CEO and executive chairman, having raised $173 million from outside investors.

Similarly, ClassPass has been used to book over 45 million classes, and its current market worth is over $500 million.

As the CEO of such a large corporation, Kadakia’s net worth in 2016 was estimated to be around $50 million. Her net worth in 2019 is likely to be about $100 million, close to that of another entrepreneur, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

Similarly, she is the owner of Sa Dance Company, and she must be making a good living from it. It’s been eight years since ClassPass was founded, and she’s amassed a net worth of $100 million.

Her yearly income is believed to be over $12.5 million, based on her large fortune in such a short period of time.

She has not, however, made her lifestyle, homes, or cars public. However, based on her earnings and net worth, we may presume she is living a luxury lifestyle.


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