Vanessa Bryant Net Worth: What Happened to Vanessa’s Husband? Latest Updates!


Vanessa Bryant is well known as the widow of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. In a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, Kobe and his daughter Gigi died.

Vanessa Laine was born in Los Angeles on May 5, 1982. Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta was her birth name. Her stepfather Stephen Laine gave her the surname “Laine.”

Vanessa Bryant’s net worth!

According to the International Business Times, Vanessa Bryant is worth $600 million. The amount is the same as her late husband Kobe’s estimated net worth at the time of his death.

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Vanessa had given up her job as a dancer and model in order to start a family with the NBA player, whom she married in 2001. However, the pair chose not to have a pre-nuptial agreement, much to Kobe’s parents’ chagrin.

Vanessa Bryant’s Husband!

Vanessa Laine had been cast as a music video model when she met Kobe on the set of his music video. It was love at first sight for anyone in the room when they met, and Kobe Bryant couldn’t take his gaze away from his future wife.

In the National Basketball Association, Kobe Bryant had already made huge strides, earning the nickname Black Mamba.  When the couple met on set in 1999, Kobe was 21 years old and Vanessa was only 17 years old.

Kobe Bryant asked Vanessa Laine out on their first date before the music video shoot was completed. They went to Disneyland for their first date, and bodyguards had to accompany them the entire time.

When the couple’s relationship became public, Vanessa was still a student at Marina High School. She kept a level head throughout the ordeal, only showing concern for the images she’d bring to school to show her friends.

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Vanessa’s favourite photo of Kobe, according to one of her former classmates, was of him playing with her puppies at home. Vanessa was happy to show everyone the images, but she didn’t want them touched for fear of them being smudged or ruined.

Kobe Bryant wasn’t afraid to tell the entire school that he and his girlfriend were dating. He’d deliver roses to her school and chauffeur her around in his Mercedes.

Because the number of media outlets swarming the school grew too much for the school to handle, Vanessa Laine was asked to conclude her senior year from home. Kobe Bryant proposed to Vanessa Laine at her 18th birthday celebration, just six months after they met.

Up and Downs in Vanessa Laine and Kobe Bryant’s Marriage!

Despite their disparity in wealth, Kobe Bryant refused to sign a prenuptial agreement when it came to marrying Vanessa. She had told her stepfather that Kobe Bryant had told her that he loved her too much to ever consider divorce.

Even though they were in love, their entire family was not enthusiastic about their relationship or marriage. His parents and sister were so against their marriage that they didn’t even show up to the ceremony.

Vanessa Bryant was not treated well by Kobe Bryant’s family because she was not African American like the rest of the family. This did not prevent the couple from marrying in April 2001 at Saint Edward the Confessor Catholic Church.

With only 12 persons in attendance, the wedding was quite intimate. After their treatment of his wife, wedding, and marriage, Kobe Bryant and his family experienced a severe emotional rift.

Despite feeling “uncomfortable” with her race and “uneasy” about his son’s unselfish commitment to his wife, Kobe Bryant’s father believes that he and Vanessa Bryant are “okay.”

“Twenty years from now, when his own child grows up, he’ll realise what I’m doing,” Joe Bryant told the Orlando Sentinel.

Situations like the Bryants’ are instances of why you shouldn’t let other people’s expectations for your life stop you from enjoying and treasuring it, especially given what would happen less than 20 years later.

For the birth of his first daughter, the family was reunited once more. In September of 2002, they revealed their pregnancy, which was greeted with joy by the public.


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