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Blаnket Jackson is POP legend Michael Jackson’s third and only biological kid. We know he was born under the table, and we have no idea who his original mother is.

Despite the fact that his full name is ‘Prince Michael Jackson,’ he is better known by the nickname ‘Blanket,’ which he coined.

In this article, we will provide detailed information about Blanket’s professional life, personal life, net worth, age, height, weight, and other characteristics. If you’re up for it, let’s get started.

Blanket Jackson’s Biography!

Blanket Jackson was born on February 21, 2002, in La Mesa, California, to the late Michael Jackson’s third child.

Michael once said that his son’s moniker “Blanket” means “to cover – or ‘blanket’ – someone with affection.”

According to sources, the young boy opted to alter his nickname in 2015, ostensibly as a result of being bullied for years because of it, and he is now listed in the yearbook as Bigi Jackson.

He is a student at the private Buckley School in Sherman Oats, California, where he participates in martial arts and other extracurricular activities. Paris Michael Katherine and Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson are his two siblings.

Name  Blаnket Jackson
Birth February 21, 2002, in La Mesa, California
Age 2o  years
Profession Student, You tuber
Famous For Michael Jackson’s Son
Net Worth $100 Million

Blanket Jackson was born through artificial insemination, and his biological mother, a surrogate, has remained a mystery.

Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. and Paris Jackson are his biological siblings, and Debbie Rowe is their biological mother. When Blanket’s father died unexpectedly in 2009, he was seven years old.

Blanket and his two half-siblings grew up at the fabled Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California. Following their father’s death in 2009, their grandma Katherine Jackson assumed care of all three children.

This was in accordance with Michael Jackson’s desire for his mother to be the three children’s permanent guardians.

Regardless, Katherine Jackson said in 2012 that she planned to split custody of Blanket Jackson and his half-siblings with his elder cousin TJ Jackson.

Blanket Jackson’s Career!

Blanket Jackson made an appearance in the television documentary “Living with Michael Jackson” in 2003, which focused on the Jackson family. He was a baby at the time, and the documentary was about Michael Jackson’s family.

His father’s appearances on TV series like “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The X Factor” quickly followed. Blanket and his father debuted in the South Park episode “The Jeffersons” in 2004 as the neglected son of Mr Jefferson, a wealthy, eccentric man-child (a hologram of Michael Jackson)

In 2009, he addressed the crowd at Michael’s burial, and the following year, he accepted a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of his father at the Grammy Awards.

Blanket Jackson’s Net Worth!

Blanket Jackson has a $100 million net worth. Blanket’s mother is a surrogate whose identity has not been revealed.

After a legal struggle launched by Debbie Rowe to seek custody of Blanket and his two siblings, the custody of Blanket and his two siblings was handed to Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson, as per Michael’s wishes.

Katherine receives a yearly stipend of more than $1 million to be the permanent guardian of her grandchildren. The siblings grew up in the Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California.

Blanket Jackson’s Bonding with his Father!

Blanket Jackson became entangled in his father’s contentious life when he was just nine months old and was exposed to the world for the first time.

While in Germany, Michael reportedly hung baby Blanket from a hotel balcony in an attempt to greet the fans who had gathered in front of the hotel.

The singer only had one arm around the baby’s waist, and the occurrence sparked widespread indignation and condemnation, with Michael being widely chastised for endangering his child.

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He eventually apologized, calling the incident a terrible mistake and explaining that he was caught up in the excitement of the moment and would never intentionally put his children in danger.

Jackson and his half-siblings used masks and veils to conceal their identities as children.

Many people mocked this, believing it was too much for the kids, but Michael Jackson justified his actions, claiming it was to keep their identities hidden from the media, paparazzi, and fans.

He went on to say that it was an effort to allow his children to live normal lives like other youngsters.


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