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Who Is Kirill Bichutsky?

Kirill Bichutsky is a 37-year-old American photographer who was born in Russia. Kirill is one of the most well-known photographers.

Also included in the elite list of prominent Russian celebrities. He was born in Moscow, then part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia, on June 9th, 1984.

Name  Kirill Bichutsky
Birth June 9, 1984, in Moscow
Age 37 years
Genre Photographer
Relation With Estee Maria
Net Worth $1.5 Million

His family immigrated to the United States when he was two years old, settling in Roxbury, New Jersey. Bichutsky aspired to be a Disney animator as a child.

Bichutsky received a full scholarship to William Paterson University after graduating from high school in 2002. He eventually dropped out of the programme without earning his degree.

Kirill Bichutsky’s Girlfriend!

Kirill Bichutsky’s girlfriend, Estee Maria, is a well-known singer. The couple has been together since 2017, and while they both work in the leisure industry, their concerns are vastly different.

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Kirill Bichutsky’s Professional Life!

After being introduced to them by a DJ, Bichutsky began his profession doing photography at parties and nightclubs. He routinely shot women who were either naked or barely clad at the festivities.

Organizations began to hire Bichutsky to host events in order to capitalise on his name and likeness.

In 2015, he was featured in the Showtime series 3 AM. In 2018, he was featured in the Netflix documentary film The American Meme.

Kirill Bichutsky’s Net Worth!

He is one of the world’s wealthiest and most well-known photographers. Kirill Bichutsky has a net worth of $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Kirill Bichutsky-Related Controversies!

Bichusky’s rallies have been banned in many cities across the United States and Canada. His opponents sometimes accuse him of promoting sexism through his political parties.

In 2017, he was banned from Twitter. His Instagram accounts have also been regularly disabled.


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