Who Is Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend: What Happened to Gabby Petito on the Road Trip? Everything Is Revealed Here!

Who Is Gabby Petito and What happened to her?

Ms Petito, 23, was reported missing on September 11 by her parents when the pair was on a road trip. Laundrie, 23, was a person of interest in her murder.

Ms Petito’s body was discovered in a campground near Grand Teton National Park in northeastern Wyoming on September 19th.

She died three weeks prior of “blunt-force injuries to the head and neck, with manual strangling,” according to the coroner.

Ms Petito’s family suspected Laundrie of impersonating her in text conversations following her death, and the FBI discovered her corpse and things a month later.

The FBI did not reveal what was written in the notebook but did say that they discovered texts between the couple that were exchanged after Ms Petito’s murder.

According to the statement, “the timing and substance of these messages indicate that Mr Laundrie was attempting to deceive law enforcement by creating the idea that Ms Petito was still alive.”

In the van he was travelling with his girlfriend, Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, was pulled over near Moab, Utah, a police film shows Brian Laundrie talking to an officer.

During a cross-country van trip last summer, the couple stopped in Grand Teton for the last time.

Laundrie and Ms Petito grew up on Long Island, New York, but had recently relocated to Florida.

The pair used Instagram to capture their journey. They crossed Colorado and were apprehended by authorities in Utah on August 12 following a skirmish.

Who Is Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend -Brian Laundrie?

Gabby Petito’s fiancé, Laundrie, was reported missing in July after the couple went on a road trip together.

According to Petito’s stepfather Jim Schmidt, Laundrie met Petito when they were both in high school, at Bayport-Blue Point High on Long Island, New York.

The two started dating in March 2019, and according to their Instagram posts, they were engaged in July 2020.

“My biggest concern is that one day I’ll wake up and it’ll all have been a dream because that is what every second has felt like since the minute we found one other,” Laundrie said in one post.

gabby petito boyfriend

“Until death does us part or until I wake up, I’m so thrilled the answer was yes, Love you Hunny,” she says.

Laundrie appeared to make a living by selling his artwork on the internet under the name Bizarre Design. His Instagram page features linocut prints, bookmarks, and sketches, among other things.

Laundrie’s 23-year-old is also “highly versed” in surviving in the woods, according to an anonymous former coworker.

“In a chat about hiking,” the unnamed insider told the New York Post. Brian boasted that the longest time he remained in the woods was six weeks and that all he needed to survive was a large pack of either cheese or peanut butter crackers.”

Laundrie’s online presence reveals that he enjoys camping and travelling.

Gabby Petito: The World’s Most Famous Murder?

Gabby Petito: The Murder That Shook the World is a documentary about the 22-year-disappearance old’s and death.

“The film depicts the narrative of Gabby’s final few months through the prism of the internet and found footage, alongside interviews with her family,” according to the program’s description.

“The show follows her videos and postings on Instagram and other social media sites, as well as Brian’s photos and posts – all the way to police bodycam footage and, finally, the internet sleuths who have dedicated their lives to uncovering the mystery.”

It will air on Channel 5 today, February 1st, from 10 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.


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