A Closer Look at Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak’s Relationship! Are Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Still Together?


Lana Rhoades is a former p**nstar. She’s modelled for Playboy magazine and starred in a number of personal videos up until now. She also appeared in the 2017 film, Lana.

Rhoades is currently a digital producer and influencer, and she co-hosted the three Girls 1 Kitchen (3G1K) podcasts with Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams.

Rhoades announced in July 2021 that she was getting set to start her podcast. On the 3G1K podcast, Rhoades discussed her experience in the p**n business and some of the most dangerous situations she’s been asked to film. She’s also discussed her 18-year marriage and who she’s dated in the past.

Who Is Mike Majlak?

Mike Majlak, an influencer, is Rhoades’ most recent lover. The two were bought together in January 2020 and had an on-again, off-again relationship.

They were introduced by a common friend, Logan Paul, and Rhoades just appeared on their podcast, Spontaneous, where she discussed her stint in juvenile detention.

lana rhoades and mike majlak relationship

The couple enjoyed a solid relationship in 2020, but false accusations split them up for a brief time in October 2020.

Rhoades has watched Majlak’s vlogs on YouTube several times, including after they broke up.

Is Lana Rhoades still dating Mike Majlak?

Majlak went on to say that the failure of the GTA wasn’t the reason they split up. As a result, many humans have anticipated this outcome.

Their connection, according to Majlak, was not fueled by typical conditions. He believes that most people would be unaware of the gravity of his situation. However, he chose the name “poison sludge” to convey his feelings.

Upon further investigation, it appears that, despite the couple’s breakup, their personalities were not compatible. Due to their opposing viewpoints on a specific topic, Majlak and Rhoades had frequently clashed.

Majlak wrapped up by declaring that he has no frightening blood with Rhoades. He admires her, wishes them all the best, and wishes for her happiness. Preferably, she should date someone who makes her feel at ease.

He stated that there would be no breakup video and that this would be the last time he talks about the subject in public.

The Reason for Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak’s Breakup!

Lana broke her silence two months after the social media power couple formally called it quits, and published the true reason she split up with Mike Majlak.

Lana’s public connection with Majlak was on-again, off-again throughout their partnership. In October, the two split up for the first time before reuniting a few days later.

While various reasons have been suggested as to why the couple eventually split up in February, Lana has now published her side of the tale.

Majlak’s Grand Theft Auto Online sessions were once again the topic of conversation. During his streams, he would “break the fourth wall” and hit girls in the Role Playing servers. Lana was “traumatised” at the time, but it wasn’t the reason she moved on.

Not only that, but it wasn’t because he was “inappropriate with other women” in the real world. According to Lana, it came down to the two of them moving in together after that.

The previous couple has no intention of attempting to rebuild their relationship after being separated for a little over two months.


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