Mike Majlak’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does Mike Majlak Make From Youtube?


Mike Majlak is a well-known American internet celebrity and YouTuber well recognised for his enthralling videos.

Mike Majlak was born on January 13, 1985, in Milford, Connecticut, but later relocated to South Norwalk, Connecticut, all in the United States of America. His mother’s name is Robin Majlak, but nothing is known about his father. Abby Majlak and Jill Majlak are his two siblings.

Mike Majlak began his study at a local high school and continued his career at Fordham University. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete it and dropped out.

Mike Majlak rose to prominence through his collaborations with social media stars such as Logan Paul, Jacquelyn Noelle, Lydia Kenney, and Ayla Woodruff, among others.

He formerly worked at Nice Guy Promotions in social media promotions. He currently has over 1.7 million Instagram followers.

Mike Majlak’s Net Worth!

Mike Majlak has a net worth of $556.25 thousand. Mike Majlak Vlogs”s true net worth is unknown, however, Net Worth Spot estimates it to be $556.25 thousand based on YouTube data.

However, Net Spot Worth’s estimation is based on a single advertising source. Mike Majlak Vlogs’s net worth might be significantly higher than $556.25 thousand.

Mike Majlak Vlogs may be worth closer to $778.76 thousand if these additional sources of earnings are considered.

How much does Mike Majlak make from YouTube?

Mike Majlak Vlogs has an annual salary of $139.06 thousand.

Mike Majlak Vlogs’ channel has received 2.32 million monthly views and roughly 77.26 thousand daily views over the last 30 days.

For every thousand video views, a channel that is monetized by adverts gets the money. YouTubers can make anywhere from $3 to $7 per thousand views on their videos.

mike majlak net worth

Based on this information, we estimate that the Mike Majlak Vlogs YouTube channel earns $9.27 thousand in monthly ad revenue and $139.06 thousand each year.

However, $139.06 thousand a year may be a conservative estimate. Mike Majlak Vlogs could make as much as $250.31 thousand per year if things go well.

YouTube stars, on the other hand, rarely rely on a single source of income. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements can all bring in a lot more money than adverts.

Mike Majlak’s Relationship Status!

Mike Majlak is now Single, after a breakup with Lana Rhoades in February 2021. Lana was a former pornstar who has since retired.

Logan Paul is rumoured to be the one who introduced the pair. They were continuously arguing and decided it was time to call it quits on their romance.

Lana Rhoades announced her pregnancy not long after the romance ended. There is suspicion that the baby’s father is either Mike or NBA player Kevin Durant.

Mike Majlak is a man on a mission. He is a young self-made millionaire who enjoys photography and vlogging with his celebrity buddies. He is well on his way to living his dream life as a YouTube celebrity. Mike’s vlogs can be seen on YouTube or Instagram.


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