Is Dylan Wang, The Star of “Meteor Garden,” Have a Girlfriend? Latest Updates!


Who Is Dylan Wang?

Dylan Wang was born on December 20, 1998, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. The public is unaware of Wang’s parents and siblings.

Dylan Wang, a 23-year-old Chinese actor and model, has acted in a number of films and television shows.

Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation provided Wang with flight attendant training. He worked as a 16th level flight attendant prior to his modelling and acting career.

During his time at the Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation, Dylan was the poster child for admissions. He also acted as a professional image agent for the flight attendants.

Dylan Wang’s girlfriend!

Dylan Wang is said to have a girlfriend named Shen Yue, according to sources, although the reports have yet to be proven. We don’t know much about his love life, though.

 He has never been in a relationship.

Are Shen Yue and Wang dating?

After his debut in Meteor Garden, Wang was able to win hearts and garner notice. Apart from his outstanding performance in the drama, he was best known for his chemistry with Shen Yu, the female lead.

Being a darling among his millions of followers has its rewards, but it also means that his dating life is constantly scrutinised.

The heartthrob has been linked to Shen Yue since the drama, and their romance rumours don’t seem to be dying down.

dylan wang girlfriend

Their fan base was so taken with their chemistry that they created a petition on to get them cast in a drama together as a couple.

Wang joined the cast of The Inn 2 alongside Shen Yue, granting the fan’s wish.

Despite the fact that fans have been shipping the two since the premiere of the drama, they have yet to make any public declarations about their relationship.

The Ever Night season 2 stars, on the other hand, appear to have already found love, which may shatter a few hearts, but the female is not Shen Yue.

Dylan Wang’s Career!

Dylan Wang won the overall championship in the Sichuan Campus Red Festival in 2016. It was a well-known initiative that was backed by a number of universities. Following his success, Wang entered the entertainment sector.

Wang appeared in a number of advertisements. In 2016, he also won a singing competition. Wang starred in Super Idol, a Chinese variety show that aired on the Youku network in 2017.

In 2018, Dylan was cast as the lead character in the television series Meteor Garden. In this series, he played Dao Ming Si, the protagonist.

dylan wang girlfriend (2)

Dao Ming, an arrogant young man from a wealthy family, encounters a strong-willed lady from a poor family while attending university.

Meteor Garden tells the narrative of Dao Ming’s love for the girl and the consequences that follow.

Dylan’s lovely demeanour and outstanding acting ability were ideal for the role. He got millions of followers as a result of this series.

Wang was featured in the women’s fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar China. His Meteor Garden co-stars Darren Chen, Connor Leong, and Caesar Wu were also present. In 2018, Dylan and his Meteor Garden co-stars appeared in a number of music videos.

Creating Memories, Never Would’ve Thought About, and Don’t Even Have to Think About It was among them. The second season of the variety shows The Inn, which began in October 2018, featured Dylan Wang.

Wang appeared in the romantic office drama The Rational Life with Qin Lan in 2021, as well as the historical fantasy romance drama Miss The Dragon with Zhu Xudan.


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