Who Is Lee Min-ho Girlfriend? Everything You Want to Know About His Dating History and Dating Rumors!

Lee Min-ho is a well-known South Korean actor. His outstanding performance in the hit K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch garnered many fans.

His on-screen chemistry with co-star Kim Go-Eun drew a lot of attention and was well-received. Lee Min-ho has previously won hearts with his roles in The Legend of the Blue Sea, The Heirs, City Hunter, Boys Over Flowers, and other films.

Lee Min-ho recently became the most popular Korean actor on Instagram. Not only on Instagram, but also on Weibo, Facebook, and Twitter, the actor has a sizable fan base.

Apart from his prospective projects and personal accomplishments, Lee Min-love ho’s life has long been a topic of discussion.

Since his debut, he has been linked to a number of celebrities and has previously confirmed dating. Take a look at Lee Min-dating history and his dating rumours.

Min-young Park

In City Hunter, Min-young and Lee Min-ho co-starred. Both of them put on a show to remember. Many admirers still want them to work together. After five months of dating, the stars called it quits.

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Park Shin-Hye 

Park Shin-Hye is a well-known South Korean actor. In The Heirs, Park Shin-hye and Lee Min-ho co-starred. The stars were rumoured to be secretly dating.

lee min ho girlfriend

Is Lee Min-ho Dating Yeonwoo?

The management for Lee Min-ho has dismissed claims that he is dating MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo.

Lee Min-ho and Yeonwoo have been dating for five months, according to Dispatch, a South Korean news outlet. It was also said that the two celebrated her birthday at his home.

MYM Entertainment, on the other hand, rejected the rumours of the actors dating, stating that they are only acquaintances.

“It is not true that they are in a relationship,” his agency claimed in a statement, according to Soompi. “They’re simply acquaintances,” says the narrator.

“It wasn’t just the two of them, and there were other pals present at the time,” the agency stated, referring to photos of the actors. “These aren’t pictures from a date.”

Yeonwoo celebrated her 25th birthday with Lee Min-ho, according to Dispatch, and the two stars have been dating for five months. On the eve of Yeonwoo’s birthday, he reportedly asked her to his residence.

“Lee Min-ho and Yeonwoo like playing games and watching movies,” a close friend added. They were pulled together by their shared interests.”

Since his breakup with South Korean singer-actor Suzy, Lee Min-ho hasn’t openly dated anyone. Before breaking up in 2017, the couple dated for three years.

Suzy’s agency revealed the split while the actor was completing his military training. “We confirmed with her, and it is true that Suzy and Lee Min Ho broke up,” Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment, informed Soompi.

Who are Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy, and What is Their Story?

On March 23, 2015, Dispatch published exclusive Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy relationship reports.

According to the article, the actors had been dating for about two months and had similar flying patterns. Even though they had different destinations, Lee Min Ho had a photoshoot in Paris and Suzy had a photography in London, they went to Europe together on March 10th.

They finally met up on March 15, leaving their automobiles at random intervals and heading in various directions to avoid raising suspicions.

Following the exclusive news, Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, and Bae Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment, both published official statements on the same day confirming their relationship.

“He’s a really caring and warm person,” says Bae Suzy about Lee Min Ho.

“My interest in him grew as he is a really loving and friendly individual. We’ll keep meeting in a productive manner.”

“We met in London because our photography schedules collided. In London, we didn’t do anything unique. We went on a drive, ate some food, and simply spent time together as friends.”

Suzy’s management, JYP Entertainment, said the couple had broken up on November 16, 2017, after three years of dating.

Their split was revealed to be for personal reasons. The pair have agreed to remain good friends, according to media reports.


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