What Is Marysol Patton’s Net Worth? How Did RHOM’s Star Become Rich?


Marysol Patton is a businesswoman and a reality television celebrity who hails from Miami, Florida, United States.

She is most known in the United States for her role as one of the Real Housewives of Miami, which airs on the Bravo channel and has made her a household figure.

Aside from that, she is best known as the founder, owner, and director of The Patton Group, a Miami-based public relations agency. Her professional career has lasted almost 25 years.

So, have you ever wondered how wealthy Marysol Patton is in 2016, and how much money she makes?

What Is Marysol’s Net worth?

Marysol’s net worth is estimated to be in excess of $15 million, a number she has accumulated not only via her successful career in the entertainment industry, but also through her successful engagement in the business field, according to trustworthy sources.

We knew Marysol as a PR maven who ran the premier public relations business, The Patton Group when she initially appeared on the RHOM scene in Season 1.

marysol patton net worth (1)What Is Marysol Patton’s Net Worth? How Rhom’s Star Becomes So Rich?

While she no longer works for the company (she departed in 2016), she is now married to businessman Steve McNamara and appears to be living a more relaxed lifestyle.

This could be due in part to her mother’s passing in 2019; the two were close. You may remember “Mama Elsa,” the psychic, from her earlier appearances on the show during its original run.

Marysol Patton Once Sold her late Mother’s Jewellery!

Marysol reportedly auctioned Elsa’s jewellery and antique treasures valued at $2.3 to 3.5 million after her death in 2019.

Marysol, when asked about selling late Elsa’s jewels, said:

“My parents were avid collectors of antiques, art, and jewellery, with collections spanning three residences. My brother and I retained the things we truly liked, but there were a lot of others that went unused. We wanted to open it up to people who share my parents’ love of antiques and jewellery.”

marysol patton net worth (2)

The proceeds from the sale were added to Marysol’s already substantial fortune. She is worth $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Aside from being a reality star, the millionaire is also the founder of The Patton Group, a prominent public relations agency.

The auction took place in June of this year, and it featured a number of precious things such as jewellery, watches, and artworks.

The following is a list of the objects and their estimated value:

  • An emerald, diamond and platinum ring: $125,000
  • A sapphire diamond ring: $60,000A Patek Philippe Nautilus watch: $300,000
  • A diamond platinum Riviera necklace $200,000 An Antonio Jacobsen ship painting: $20,000


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