Finally! Netflix Have Announced Coming Soon Dating Shows| Here’s the Full List!


Netflix has made a full commitment to reality television romance.

On Thursday, Netflix announced that it is renewing a few popular dating shows, including “Love Is Blind” and “Too Hot to Handle,” as well as adding a few new love series to its library.

Although “Love Is Blind” was renewed for a third season two years ago, the firm has announced that the show, as well as the dating pods, will return for the fourth and fifth seasons.

Netflix posted a hilarious YouTube video of “Love Is Blind” co-host, Nick Lachey, listening to a song from the fictional boy band N-2-LUV called “Love Has No Off Season” to commemorate the extensive list of programmes that will be added to queues later this year.

Former participants from Netflix dating series such as “Too Hot to Handle’s” Harry Jowsey, Nathan Webb, and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, and “Love Is Blind’s” Jarrette Jones and Matt Barnett are among the members.

The lyrics disclose which other dating shows will return this year as well as the premise for each new series.

Regrettably, no mention of “Dating Around,” possibly Netflix’s most underappreciated reality show, appears in the song lyrics. There are, however, plenty of other romance programmes to binge-watch for enthusiasts.

Check out all of the upcoming dating shows, both new and returning.

‘Love Is Blind’ 

Seasons four and five of “Love Is Blind,” which was recently announced, will have to wait, but season three has already been filmed.

Season three, which was filmed in Dallas, introduces a new group of singles who are willing to get married in a pod without first seeing their partner.

netflix dating show

The actors of “Love Is Blind” season two will rejoin for “After The Altar” later this year. The miniseries checks in with the singles and updates fans on how the married couples’ lives have evolved since their wedding day.

This year will also see the release of a second season of “Love Is Blind: Brazil.”

‘The Ultimatum’

Nick and Vanessa Lachey debuted the trailer for “The Ultimatum,” a new series they will executive produce, during the season two reunion episode of “Love Is Blind.”

netflix dating show (1)

The show, which begins on April 6, follows six different couples as they choose whether or not to marry. The contestants will switch partners before making a decision.

A second, all-queer season of “The Ultimatum” will be released soon, according to Netflix. The alternate version of “The Ultimatum” will feature a predominantly female cast, based on Jones’ performance in “Love Has No Off Season.”

Too Hot to Handle

Season four of “Too Hot to Handle” only debuted in January, but Netflix has already discovered a new batch of players who mistakenly assume they signed up for a tropical locale.

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The new cast members will discover that they are truly at a sex-free resort and must follow the rules of an artificial intelligence cone named Lana, as in previous seasons.

Season four has yet to be announced by Netflix.

Love on the Spectrum

“Love on the Spectrum” will air in the United States in a similar format to the Australian series, which has already shown two seasons.

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“Love on the Spectrum” is a docu-reality show about the love lives of persons on the autism spectrum. It will be released later this year.

Dated and Related

“Dated and Related,” one of three new shows revealed by the streaming service on Thursday, will premiere this year.

The basis of this performance is “not how it sounds,” as N-2-LUV sings in the music video.

In “Dated and Related,” the candidates will be siblings who are expected to help each other fall in love. They can, however, deliberately or unintentionally undermine a potential link.

Indian Matchmaking

Sima Taparia, a matchmaker, will continue to help clients find love for at least two more seasons. This year, the second season will be released.

netflix dating show (4)In the first season, the dating consultant lined up updates for her customers while they searched for their ideal partner.

Jewish Matchmaking

“Jewish Matchmaking,” from producers Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman, Smriti Mundhra, and J.C. Begley, who also created “Indian Matchmaking,” was the second new Netflix series announced.

This show will feature contestants from both the United States and Israel. They’ll hire a Jewish matchmaker to help them find a companion.

Series of mysteries

The title of Netflix’s final dating show has yet to be revealed, but the corporation has teased what fans might expect.

Singles from other reality shows such as “The Circle,” “Selling Tampa,” “Love Is Blind,” and “Too Hot to Handle,” who did not find love in their first shows, will have a second opportunity.

Dating Around

Dating Around is one of the best datings shows on television, with the right mix of awkward moments and genuine relationships. If you enjoy listening in on first dates at restaurants, you will enjoy this Netflix series.

Each episode follows a different hopeful single on five different occasions. Each date is divided into three sections: “Drinks,” “Dinner,” and “After Hours,” with possible suitors leaving after each round.

There is no host or commentary, and it is edited and filmed more like a glossy docuseries than a dating programme, unlike previous dating shows. Each episode concludes with the hopeful single reuniting with one of the suitors for a second date in a sunny locale.

Are You The One?

Are You The One? has been on the air since 2014 and is now at the top of the MTV ratings. Twenty singles must work together in a gorgeous home on a tropical island to locate each other’s perfect partners to win a million dollars.

Producers conduct extensive studies on the contestants before filming, even interviewing their ex-partners, to discover the best match for them.

It’s a hot mess of a show with everything you could want for a guilty pleasure binge, including competitions, truth booths, honeymoon suites, match ceremonies, and a lot of drama.

The first seven seasons of the show include only male and female battles, but starting in the eighth season, any gender can compete.

‘Singles’ Inferno

Single’s Inferno is a popular Korean reality dating show that has swept the globe. The show is a mix of Bachelor in Paradise, Love Island, and Survivor, with competitors “stranded” on an island with nothing but food, toiletries, and tents to cook for themselves.

The show begins with nine candidates, who are joined later by two intruders. Contestants are not allowed to reveal their age or occupation as they get to know one another.

Contestants secretly choose who they want to “leave” the island with for a date night in a luxurious hotel at the end of each show; if two persons choose each other, they win the night away.


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