RHOC: The Identity of Alum Vicki Gunvalson’s New Boyfriend Is Revealed Here!


Victoria Gunvalson is an American reality television personality and businesswoman best known for her fourteen-season stint as a housewife on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Coto Insurance was founded by her. She is a part of the original cast of Bravo’s reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Gunvalson announced her resignation from the series in January 2020. Vicki presented a podcast called Whoop It Up with Vicki in 2020.

Who Is Vicki Gunvalson’s New Boyfriend?

Vicki Gunvalson has found a new man following her tumultuous divorce from Steve Lodge. Vicki and Steve announced their separation in September of 2021, as we all know.

But it all came crashing down when Steve announced he was engaged only two months later. The former Real Housewives of Orange County actress was enraged and took to social media to vent her frustrations.

Vicki, on the other hand, is a romantic at heart. That is when she isn’t chasing her ex-boyfriends out of a restaurant.

She went on a couple of dates with the help of a matchmaker. Even if they didn’t work out, I guess one of them did! Vicki recently went on Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap” to boast about her new man, according to Page Six.

“I am ecstatic,” Vicki exclaimed. He is the first man who has ever lavished me with gifts. ‘I got it, you’re not paying for it,’ he says. ‘Are you real?’ I think to myself.

He’s a frickin’ legend.” Why do I feel like I’ve heard this before from Vicki? Because, you know, I’ve done it before. Anyway.

vicki gunvalson boyfriend

Vicki didn’t say what her new man’s name is, but she did say he was from Texas. “I gave him an 18 [-point] list of what I want in a person,” she continued.

Because you manifest your person in all the books you read, in all the self-help books.” She sounds like a lot of fun to date.

I’m not sure if this is the same list, however, she previously stated some of the qualities she looks for in a partner.

Some of the items on the list were: “Good teeth,” “non-smoker,” “family man,” and “self-sufficient” are all terms used to describe someone who has good teeth. “Must love Jesus,” as well.

We all recall Steve, the supposed adulterer, ostensibly not loving Jesus. “No Christian guy would do what he’s done,” she claimed of his alleged lie.

“I manifested him,” Vicki stated of her new beau. Except for one [item] on the list, he has everything. Wearing cowboy boots and enjoying country-western music are two examples.

He is without a boat.” What went wrong with her manifestation that she couldn’t summon a boat? She appears to be settling down.

“My heart is full and happy,” Vicki added happily. That is, at least, how it is in the beginning. “My tank is overflowing!”

How many times do we have to hear that phrase before we get tired of it? Vicki now believes herself equipped to notice red flags as a result of her previous failed relationships in any case.

“So now I know to watch for those red signals that I didn’t see before,” she said. I’d never dealt with them before.

I simply stayed. You commit and stay, in my opinion. You are the one who solves the issue. You’re not going anywhere. And now I’m recognising that you’re free to go. When there are red signals, you don’t have to stay.”

Vicki Gunvalson’s Ex-Boyfriend!

Vicki Gunvalson previously dated Steve Lodge.

Vicki and Brooks met at a charity event in 2016, a year after Vicki broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Brooks Ayers.

Vicki and Steve hit it off right away, and she thought she’d discovered the love of her life. After three years of dating, the couple got engaged in April 2019 and planned to marry in 2020.

vicki gunvalson boyfriend (1)

However, little than a year after they married, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out over the planet, putting the entire world on lockdown.

While the couple had planned a simple wedding with only their immediate families, they decided to postpone their wedding until the pandemic passed. The pair decided to call off their engagement after a brief split before the summer.


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