InstaLooker: Download Private Photos and Videos on Instagram!


In this article, we’ll go over Instalooker and show you how to utilise it for free to check out private Instagram profiles. This allows you to check private Instagram profiles to see if they are fake or real.

Instalooker is a tool that allows users to browse private Instagram profiles and gain access to private Instagram accounts. There are a lot of similar app ideas out there, but Instalooker appears to be the most practical.

The concept is that the user may access someone’s private Instagram profile in just a few steps, which is ideal for stalkers.

Here, we’ll give a brief overview of the product and demonstrate how it may be used in a variety of situations while still providing a speedy answer.

What is the purpose of the Instalooker Tool?

The ‘Instalooker online tool 2021’ is one such software that employs artificial intelligence to harvest data from personal accounts.

It is highly quick and has a very intuitive user interface.

Users can browse private accounts, including images, activities, and videos, by downloading the Instalooker app.

Users can use this tool to find authentic Instagram and Facebook profiles. Fake or bot accounts may not be displayed properly while using Instalooker.

However, in order to browse accounts on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you must also be a member of that platform.

How can I use the Instalooker App?

Follow the instructions below to utilise the Instalooker app online:

  • Type into the search engine.
  • Select either Start Viewer or SPY Now from the drop-down menu.


  • Now, enter the Instagram user’s username. Download the Instalooker app
  • Now, touch on the Check Username Button.
  • Users will then be asked which action they want to take: View Photos, Download Photos, or View Profile. After you’ve chosen an option, press the start button.

How to get access to a Private Instagram Account?

  • A notification with a “Verify you’re Human” button will appear in the next tab. To finish the verification procedure, tap on it.
  • To use the Instalooker tool to see an Instagram private profile, you must first complete the human verification process.

Pros of Instalooker App!

  •  Private Accounts can be viewed.

Even if they’ve blocked you, you can still see their private Instagram profiles! With the greatest servers, you may have rapid access to private Instagram profiles! Profile users’ photographs, videos, and most recent updates of anyone you choose to track—spy on what your crush is up to without having to immediately follow him or her in.

Keep an eye on what others are hiding from you, even celebrities’ Instagram profiles!

  • Convenience of use

It’s simple to utilise our private Instagram viewer. Furthermore, there is no need to download any software to meet your desire for private Instagram profiles.

You’d discover how to spy on a private Instagram account and how to obtain a private profile viewer in minutes. It means there will be no confusion or difficulty in achieving your goal of browsing private profiles.

  • Legal, safe, and secure

Do you have concerns regarding your safety and legality? Take heart, friends: no legislation can prevent you from reading private Instagram profiles.

Another concern that everyone has is security, and our tool is completely secure and will keep your computer free of viruses and spyware.

So take note of everything you want to do, and don’t be afraid to look at a private Instagram account.


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