Who Is Anya Taylor-joy Boyfriend? All About Her Love Life!


Anya Taylor-Joy has been catapulted to A+++ list levels of popularity overnight as a result of her major part in The Queen’s Gambit, and she has done an outstanding job of keeping her personal life secret.

We’ve all figured out that she’s seeing someone (hint: it’s Malcolm McRae), but she’s been hesitant about revealing their relationship to the public.

“There’s a beauty in keeping nameless, and there’s a reason why we’re performers,” Anya previously told The Guardian of her desire to remain secret.

We’re playing other people, so the concept of someone being interested in me—I’m a rather private person—is a little unsettling, but I try not to dwell on it.”

Anya really just walked the red carpet with Malcolm for the first time last month because he has been by her side through numerous amazing occasions, and he has been there for her through a slew of them, believe it or not (including when she ARRIVED at the Venice Film Festival).

The good news is that we’re practically private investigators at this point, so here’s everything we know about Malcolm, including details about his relationship with Anya.

Malcolm Is Also an Actor!

However, he has only made a few appearances on the big screen. Malcolm’s most recent film appearance was in the How’dy!, which was released in 2020.

However, his IMDb bio (written by a management team) contains a number of useful and amusing details about his career, such as the fact that he was discovered at the age of 12, won “Over All Young Actor” in 2006, is currently “testing for pilots,” and is “investigating university options for the future.”

We also learn from this bio that Malcolm is a “triple threat” who “sings pop, folk, rockabilly, rock, and musical theatre” and is “a triple threat with his own brand of charm, passion, and humour.”

Cool, awesome, cool, he’s hanging out with a turtle:


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Music is his Primary Interest!

Malcolm writes frequently about More on social media as a member of the band:

Rain revealed in 2020 that he discussed the band with the latter and that his late father influenced his compositions, particularly the song “Elaborate Attraction”:

“My father worked in the financial services industry. He died when I was 18, but the song is inspired by and based on some of his life experiences.


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He studied classics at an Ivy League school, which is where we got the video’s reference to Joseph Campbell.

It was important to us that it be a voyage of an antihero. We intended to make all 17 points of Campbell’s hero journey super-simple tasks with a minuscule reward for each one. It represents nature vs nurture, which is the subject of the song.”

Malcolm Moved to Los Angeles to Seek a Romantic Relationship!

The fact that Malcolm moved to Los Angeles from Alabama after falling in love is one of many interesting things in Malcolm’s Spotify bio.

“Malcolm had just recently fallen in love with a young woman and had abandoned everything to travel to Los Angeles, following his foolish heart.

anya taylor-joy boyfriend

That’s when he realised he’d been wrong all along with his intuition. It turned out to be a terrible flop.

The music that followed, on the other hand, was woefully inadequate.” Everything is in God’s hands!

Malcolm and Anya Were First Linked in May!

That’s the point I’m making… Page Six published photos of the two of them having sex in New York City before she presented Saturday Night Live.

Anya and Malcolm have not confirmed the news, but in an interview with Anya in April, Elle magazine stated that “My partner’s just gotten back from work, and he’s shifting around all of his equipment.”

Anya and Malcolm Made Their Red Carpet Debut Together!

Anya and Malcolm made their red carpet debut together at the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party in 2022, after months of anticipation.

They hit the red carpet again soon after, this time in London to see Anya’s latest film, The Northman, and this time they even showed off some PDA on the carpet.

They Are Official On Insta!

Anya maintains her relationship with Malcolm under wraps, as everybody who knows her knows.


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By uploading a photo of her on Instagram, Malcolm made it plain that they are now officially dating. What was the title of the picture? “I’m head over heels in love.”


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