Who Is Becky G Boyfriend? Is Sebastian Lletget and Becky Still Together?

Becky G, a Mexican-American singer, is best known for her singles “Mayores” and “Sin Pijama,” but she first got fame by recreating popular songs on the internet.

She found herself cooperating with major personalities like Will soon enough.

She’s been compared to i.am, J Balvin, and Pitbull, and she’s now conquered both the traditional pop and Latin music worlds.

Even with celebrity exes like Austin Mahone, Becky G (full name: Rebbeca Gomez) maintains a low-key attitude to her personal life.

Sebastian Lletget, her longtime boyfriend and professional soccer player are currently with her. So, how did this power couple meet in the first place? Continue reading to learn more!

How did Download Becky G and Sebastian Lletget Meet?

Becky G met her boyfriend through her ‘Power Rangers’ co-star. Naomi Scott, Becky G’s Power Rangers co-star (and Aladdin actor), introduced her to Sebastian in 2016.

Jordan Spence, Naomi’s husband, used to play soccer with Sebastian in London, and the couple thought Becky and Sebastian would be a great fit.

becky g boyfriend

Becky didn’t think much of it at first. She simply wasn’t in the appropriate frame of mind for a relationship, with a “been there, done that” mentality. But then one day Naomi showed her a Sebastian video, and there he was!

Becky admitted in a Mega 96.3 interview that she attempted to ignore how handsome he was, but it didn’t work out. “He just appeared out of nowhere,” she explained. “It was as though he appeared out of nowhere.”

Is Sebastian Lletget and Becky Still Together!

The 24-year-old singer spoke to PEOPLE at Mercadito de Colores in Los Angeles to celebrate BoxyCharm’s relationship with Mexican-American artist Becky G’s cosmetic company Treslce and their “really nice” connection.

She also highlighted why her Treslce clothing line aims to empower Latinas like herself. Becky claims she and her LA Galaxy player partner Lletget, 29, talk about their Latinx identities on a regular basis and how lovely it is to see how he’s bonded with her family and friends.

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“He has the ability to communicate with my forefathers.” It’s a cute little item. “You should try it; it’s a true delight,” she says.

“It’s a different kind of relationship, in my opinion, when someone understands your cultural heritage.” Despite this, there are numerous disparities within the Latinx community.”

“In terms of culture, there’s a lot we can learn and share with one another.” “He’s now regarded as an honorary Mexican,” she continues, smiling.  “In reality, he is. My entire family is on board with him.”

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget Bonding!

During the quarantine, Sebastian and Becky G have been spending quality time together.

Becky G tells ET that the couple’s schedules kept them apart for the majority of last year.

However, now that they are confined to their homes due to new laws, they have found time to bond and are enjoying it.

Sebastian has been putting in as much training time as he can as a soccer player. Becky, fortunately, is an excellent training partner. “I’m working out in the open air.

I brought her along, and she showed me a number of things she’d been working on,” he joked, before comparing her to an “excellent drill sergeant.”

Sebastian is scoring points all over the place, from face mask photos to revealing that he “cherishes” the time he gets to spend with Becky.

But don’t get too thrilled. The couple isn’t in any hurry to tie the knot. They’re taking it slowly and savouring every moment of their relationship.

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget’s Social Media!

Six months later, Becky G and Sebastian made their Instagram debut. Becky and Sebastian announced their engagement on Instagram.

“Finally,” Sebastian captioned a black-and-white selfie of the two on Instagram. The partnership has been nothing but helpful. Sebastian’s biggest supporter, according to Becky, was standing by his side as he prepared for his foot surgery.

She’s also claimed that he’s her “life partner,” something we’d like to learn more about!


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