Will There Be a  Tower of God Season 2? If This Is the Case, When Will the Film Be Released?


Season 1 of Tower of God, a Crunchyroll Original anime, was a tremendous hit with fans, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Crunchyroll. Season 2 of Tower of God is now in production.

It tells the story of a young boy named Bam (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch in the English dub and Taichi Ichikawa in the Japanese dub), who is climbing a magical tower in an attempt to locate Rachel (Valerie Rose Lohman in the English dub and Saori Hayami in the Japanese dub), a young girl who has gone missing while attempting to climb the tower.

It is guaranteed that a person will acquire anything they desire once they reach the top of the tower. But in order to get to the top, Bam, Rachel, and everyone else who wishes to climb the tower must pass difficult challenges and make terrible sacrifices in order to do so.

Tower of God is based on a South Korean manhwa (comic) of the same name that was developed by SIU, a pen name for Lee Jong-hui, and both the anime and the manhwa have loyal followers all over the globe, with the anime garnering the most attention.

Of course, now that Season 1 has concluded, all of the fans are eager to learn when Season 2 will premiere. So continue reading for all the specifics on the show’s future, but be warned: Season 1 spoilers will be revealed shortly after.

What Happened in Season 1 of Tower of God?

Until he met Rachel, he has no memory of his life until she welcomed him into her home and taught him everything he knows. As a result, when Rachel goes to go climb the tower, Bam instantly attempts to track her down, ignoring her objections in the process. However, while searching the lower floors of the tower for Rachel, he comes across various new acquaintances who become his buddies.

As time goes on, Bam forges alliances with characters such as Kuhn (voiced by Chris Hackney in the English dub and Nobuhiko Okamoto in the Japanese dub), a cunning and sneaky blue-haired boy, Rak (voiced by Matthew David Rudd in the English dub and Kenta Miyake in the Japanese dub), a large alligator-type creature, and a host of other intriguing characters. They come to an agreement to establish an alliance in order to scale the titular tower jointly.

Tower of God Season 2

Even better news for Bam comes in the form of his discovery of Rachel among the other test subjects. In spite of Rachel’s repeated requests that Bam keeps his distance from her, Bam is desperate to defend her. The moment Rachel is wounded and informed she would never walk again, Bam offers to take her to the top of the tower, and she readily accepts his offer.

Bam and his buddies must pass the most rigorous exam in order to gain permission to take Rachel, who is confined to a wheelchair, with them. After further investigation, it has been discovered that the exam was a hoax, intended to split the group so that anybody who is deemed a threat to the tower may be eliminated. Just when triumph appears to be within grasp, Rachel rises from her wheelchair and pushes Bam to what is assumed to be his death.

As the season comes to a close, Bam’s heartbroken friends, who are blissfully unaware of Rachel’s treachery, promise to take Rachel to the top of the tower since that is what Bam would have wanted. Bam is preparing to start climbing the tower on his own, as we can see from below.

Will Tower of God Season 2?

Because of the strong response from fans, it appears like Season 2 of Tower of God is a foregone conclusion. However, no official confirmation has been made as of yet. Despite the fact that Season 1 finished in June 2020, fans are still waiting for an official announcement regarding the continuation of the series.

Anime News Network inquired about the possibility of further Tower of God seasons. Crunchyroll’s Director of Brand and Marketing Carter Hahnselle said, “You’ll have to check out the series yourself to see how far we follow Bam up the Tower in Season 1! We can’t say much more than that at this time, but we’re thrilled that people all across the world are loving the show,” said the cast.

The problem is that this comment was made in 2020, and there have been no more official announcements, but there have been speculations. As a result of the mixed reaction several Crunchyroll Originals have gotten, it is still unknown whether or when a second season of the Tower of God anime will be released.

Exactly What Happens Next in Tower of God?

You may read the manhwa in English on webtoons.com if you’ve completed watching all 13 episodes of Season 1 of Tower of God and want to know what happens next to Bam and his friends (and adversaries). The manhwa is currently being updated, so check back often.

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So, while Bam’s tale hasn’t come to an official conclusion yet, the Tower of God manhwa has two more seasons to go beyond what has been turned into the anime so far. According to the source material, as of April 4, 2022, the manhwa is on Season 3, Episode 113, which means there is more than enough stuff to keep you occupied for quite some time.

What to Watch if You Like Tower of God

HunterxHunter: In HunterxHunter, those who desire to become Hunters must first complete a series of arduous exams before they can be promoted to the position. Gon, a young kid who is motivated to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Hunter, immediately makes friends among the other applicants and works hard to pass the Hunter exam.

HunterxHunter, with its emphasis on intricate tests and comradery, may appeal to more than a few aficionados of the Tower of God game series. There are six seasons available to stream on Netflix, which may be seen in either dubbed or subtitled form.

Tower of God Season 2

Sword Art Online: Sword Art Online is one of the most well-known anime series in the isekai genre, and it is based on the manga of the same name (a genre where a person is transported to a different world.) The main character, Kirito, is stuck in a virtual reality video game with 10,000 other players, and he is informed that the only way to exit the game is to travel to the 100th level of the castle in which the game is situated, which is where the game is set.

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As a result, he sets out to reach the 100th floor, meeting new people and even becoming a member of the family along the way. In fact, this is only the first half of the first season of the show.

Sword Art Online is not without its ups and downs, but its strongest arcs demonstrate the characters’ growth and triumph over hardship by relying on the strength of their relationship as they work together to overcome complicated problems and achieve their objectives (which are often to escape from a video game). Four seasons are presently available to stream on Netflix in either subtitled or dubbed form.

You can’t help but think of Squid Game when you think about games that have the potential to be lethal at any time. When it premiered in September 2021, this Netflix series, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, was a major hit with viewers. This series follows Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jeong-jae), a guy who is crushed by the weight of his large gambling debts, as he fights against other individuals who are as deeply in debt in order to win a massive cash reward.

The only catch is that, despite the fact that the games are based on traditional Korean children’s activities, they are a matter of life and death. The show’s first season, which was enormously successful, is accessible on Netflix, and may be seen in Korean with English subtitles or dubbed into English if you like. Netflix has revealed that a second season is now in the works for the streaming service.

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