Slim Thug Net Worth 2022: Childhood | Career | Private Life | What Was It That Made Him So Successful? How Did Slim Thug Become So Wealthy?


Slim Thug is a rapper from the United States. Thug rose to prominence after contributing to rapper Mike Jones’ breakthrough tune, ‘Still Tippin.’ His career began on the Swishahouse label in the late 1990s. He left Swishahouse and started his own independent label after learning how much money he could make by distributing his own mixtapes.


Stayve Jerome Thomas was born in Texas on September 8, 1980. Thomas was 17 years old when he began doing freestyle raps at local high school parties.

Thomas began his rap career in the late 1990s with Swishahouse. He parted ways with Swishahouse on good terms after learning how much money he could make promoting his own mixtapes and launched his own independent label, Boss Hogg Outlawz.


‘Already Platinum,’ Thug’s huge first album with Star Trak Entertainment & Interscope Records, was released in 2005. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 albums list and sold 130,000 copies in its first week.

slim thug net worth

He appeared on Mike Jones and Paul Wall’s ‘Still Tippin,’ Beyoncé Knowles’ hit ‘Check on It,’ and Gwen Stefani’s ‘Luxurious.’ Slim Thug released three albums with the Boss Hogg Outlawz: ‘Boyz N Blue,’ ‘Serve & Collect,’ and ‘Back by Blockular Demand: Serve & Collect II.’ In 2008, he left Star Trak and Interscope Records.

The following year, he released ‘Boss of All Bosses,’ his second solo album. Although not as popular as his debut album, Boss of All Bosses debuted at number 15 on the Billboard 200, selling 32,000 copies in its first week.

In 2013, he released a new EP named ‘Welcome to Texas,’ which included Rick Ross, Pimp C, and Ludacris, among others. Slim Thug released his album ‘Thug Life’ in March 2020, and he claimed that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Slim Thug’s Net Worth

Slim Thug is a wealthy American rapper with a net worth of $2 million. Slim Thug was born Stayve Jerome Thomas in September 1980 in Houston, Texas. He got his nickname as a teenager because he was tall and lanky, and he is now 6’6″ tall. He began doing freestyle raps at parties when he was 17 years old.

He began his career with Swishahouse Records in the late 1990s. He left the label to form his own, Boss Hogg Outlawz. Thug has also owned two record stores and worked in the real estate industry. Already Platinum, his debut studio album, was released in 2005. The album was certified Gold rather than Platinum.

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It peaked at number one on the US Rap chart, as well as the Billboard Hot 100 and US R&B charts. Thug has four studio albums to his credit. He is best recognized for his contribution to Mike Jones’ hit “Still Tippin’.” “I Ain’t Heard of That” and “So High” have been Thug’s most popular singles. He received an MTV Video Music Award in 2006. Thug has collaborated with Pharrell, T.I., B.o.B, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce.

Slim Thug’s Private Life

Slim Thug dated American singer LeToya Luckett for two years between 2000 and 2002. Similarly, he was in a relationship with Nicole Alexander, a TV celebrity. He has been married to several women, with whom he has three boys named Dreux, Kobe, and Stavye.

Slim tested positive for COVID in 2020, as he announced in an Instagram post. Slim claimed in the video that he had a fever and cough, so he went for a test, and the results revealed that he was COVID positive. MTV News revealed a few years ago that Lupe Fiasco’s video “Hip Hop Saved My Life” was inspired by his life experience. Fiasco later confirmed the story.

How Did Slim Thug Become So Wealthy?

The rapper became wealthy after leaving a major label to start his own — “Boss Hogg Outlawz.” To sustain himself and his company, he also purchased two record stores and worked in real estate for several months. He released his first studio record, the mixtape “I Represent This,” in the first year of the new millennium. Concurrently, he had guest appearances from fellow rappers such as E.S.G., Madd Hatta, and Candyman on five separate songs.

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Throughout the early 2000s, Thug consistently released new mixtapes and cooperated with established personalities in the hip hop industry, earning an estimated $80,000 as a result. Before beginning to release solo studio albums in 2005, he collaborated on multiple albums with artists such as E.S.G, Lil Keke, and the Boss Hogg Outlawz.

The latter is a hip hop group that he founded and led for more than ten years, and through which he amassed more than $300,000 in earnings. From 2004 through 2011, the group included performers he signed to his label, and they issued four well-received studio albums.

Why Is He So Well-known?

Slim Thug rose to prominence after collaborating with artists such as Mike Jones, T.I., Pharrell, Chamillionaire, and others. He was born in Houston, Texas, on September 8, 1980. He began rapping at a young age while growing up in the Northside neighborhood of Scenic Woods. He began writing his own songs while still a student at Eisenhower High School. He was already doing freestyle raps at parties at his and other nearby high schools at the age of 17.

slim thug net worth

He drew the notice of Michael Watts (DJ 5000) and OG Ron C in the late 1990s, who offered him a record deal with the label “Swishahouse.” Signing with the company in his early twenties aided the then-aspiring rapper’s success greatly. In 1999, he made his debut appearances in rap singles. He appeared on Rapsta and E-song Rock’s “Make That Money” as well as E.S.G’s “Braids and Fades.”

What Was It That Made Him So Successful?

This hip-hop sensation’s popularity stems from his work as a solo artist as well as his collaborations. Another factor that boosted his career soon before releasing his album and establishing his groove was his friendship with Mike Jones. Jones launched his chart-topping single “Still Trippin” in 2004, which featured Slim Thug’s contribution.

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The song received widespread attention and multiple honors, propelling the rapper’s popularity even further. He signed a record deal with the labels Star Trek and Geffen in 2005. In the summer of that year, he released “Already Platinum,” his long-awaited debut studio album. The album debuted at number two on two US Billboard charts, including the Billboard 200, and was certified gold after selling over 500,000 copies.

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