Too Short Net Worth 2022: Whom Too Short Is Married to ? Did He Has Any Child?


Recognized professionally by his stage as Too Short (stylized as Too $hort), Todd Anthony Shaw (born April 28, 1966) is an American rapper and record producer who is most known for his music.

In the late 1980s, he became well-known in the West Coast hip hop movement, where his lyrics frequently dealt with pimping and promiscuity, as well as drug culture and street survival, the latter in songs such as “The Ghetto” and the former in songs such as “Blow the Whistle.”

too short net worth

Shaw, considered a pioneer of West Coast rap, began recording in 1983 and quickly gained a considerable audience in his hometown of Oakland. His fourth studio album, Born to Mack, was released in 1987 and caught the notice of Jive Records, who signed him and sold the music around the country.

His follow up 1988 album, Life Is…Too Short, was a commercial triumph, selling more than a million copies and earning him a Grammy nomination. He remained active into the 1990s.

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Early Life

Andy and Dorothy Shaw welcomed their first child, Too Short, into the world on April 28, 1966, in Los Angeles, California. His parents raised Too Short in the Los Angeles area. His parents were both accountants, and they had a good financial status as a result.

Shaw’s parents were quite supportive and did not try to coerce him into becoming an accountant. Those who knew him knew he had a talent for songwriting and wanted to be a rapper one day. They kept pressuring him to write more songs and even bought him his own little recording studio.

Shaw, like most students, had difficulties at school. Since he despised school, he often skipped lessons to practice his craft with other MCs in the neighborhood. Shaw attended a public school in Los Angeles, where he was a student.

When Shaw was 14, his family relocated to Oakland, California, where he now lives with his mother and father. Fremont High School accepted Too Short as a student. His parents pushed him to go to college and earn a degree in whichever profession he chose to specialise in. While attending college, he worked a part-time job to earn extra money.

Personal Life

Too Short is an introverted person who enjoys spending time alone. Because he feels that when one is alone, one’s mind is more active and fresh ideas flow more readily, Shaw enjoys spending time alone in the house.

A wide range of rarely spoken subjects have been the subject of his lyrics, and he has dazzled everyone with them.

too short net worth

He made a lot of acquaintances in Los Angeles, and many of them have been close friends for decades. Although he has composed numerous songs about the subject, he has never subscribed to the idea that racism even exists.

As a child, he was subjected to racial prejudice and discrimination in schools, colleges, and other public places. The pain he felt was so great that he wrote about it in his music.  Too Short has been married to Erica Escarcega.


In the 1980s, Too Short issued a large number of personalized songs, or “special requests,” as they were more generally known. Don’t Stop Rapping was his first album, released in 1985. His label, Dangerous Music, was founded in the same year by him and Freddie B.

The Dangerous Crew was the name given to the rap group founded by the two and others. Life Is…Too Short was released in 1989. The Notorious B.I.G., Pimp C, Tupac Shakur, and Scarface were among the artists with whom he later collaborated.

On Notorious B.I.G.’s album Life After Death, he had a big role. As a result, TWDY included him on their 1999 album Dirty Werk of 1999 single Player’s Holiday. Too Short had published eight albums by the time they were discovered in 1999.

Get in Where You Fit In, Can’t Stay Away, Born to Mack, and Cocktails are just a few examples. With albums like You Nasty, Chase the Cat, Married to the Game and Blow the Whistle in the 2000s, Too Short became one of hip-most hop’s popular artists. Others are still blowing and there is no trespassing.

too short net worth

The Dangerous Crew and Todd have collaborated on two albums. Dangerous Crew debuted in 1988, while Don’t Try This At Home debuted in 1996. E-40 teamed up with him for two further albums, History: Function Music and History: Mob Music, which were released in 2012. Respect the Pimping was the title of an EP released by Too Short in 2010.

Up All Nite Records is the name of his record label. There was Dangerous Music, then Short Records, then the name indicated above. This genre includes artists such as Dolla Will, The Pack, and Boo Ski.

Menace II Society, Get In Where You Fit In and The Game are just some of the films Too Short has appeared in. The pornographic film industry has employed him.

The music career of Too Short has been successful despite the fact that it has won no awards to far. It is expected that he will release his twentieth album in the near future.

Net Worth of Too Short

Too Short is believed to have a net worth of approximately $20 million as of April 2022. His musical endeavors provide the majority of his income. He has gained a substantial amount of money from the sales of his several albums as well as through his appearances in the songs of other singers.

too short net worth

Besides that, he has earned money through playing a variety of characters in a variety of different movies. Too Short is a well-known hip-hop artist. He also works as an actor and a record producer in addition to his other roles.

West Coast hip-hop, as well as hip-hop, are two of his preferred genres. Since 1982, the musicians have been performing together. Songs such as Ain’t Nothing Like Pimping, Blow the Whistle, and The Ghetto are among his best-known works.


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Frequently Asked Question

Is Too Short Married?

He is married.

What is the profession of Too Short?

He is American rapper, record producer, and actor.

What is the Birth day of Too Short?

The date of birth of Too Short is 28-apr-66.

What is the height of Too Short?

He is 1.70 m tall.

Where is the birthplace of Too Short?

The birthplace of Too Short is Los Angeles, California, United States.


With the help of Freddy B, one of his closest friends and the gift of his father’s tiny recording studio, he was able to record many songs. As a result of his efforts, west coast rap has been saved from an uncertain future.

He was a drummer before he became a rapper. As a child, Too Short was surrounded by accountants. His parents were accountants as well. As a result, they never compelled their son Short to do anything.

They were always supportive of him. His career has benefited greatly from the influence of his parents. Without their help, he might have wound up at a hotel or restaurant. Too Short has a great life, and recently had his first child at the age of 55.

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