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Queen Naija is a well-known American YouTuber and singer who co-founded the Chris and Queen YouTube channel with her ex-musical partner Christopher Sails. Her ex-husband was featured in vlogs, buggies, challenges, and other videos on her channel. The channel is now defunct, however, it still exists on YouTube as an eponymous channel.
Naija’s ability to sing, as a former American Idol contestant, has brought her fame and notoriety, as well as paved the way for her future career. Naija started her YouTube channel shortly after she was fired from the show.
Her YouTube account showcased her incredible singing abilities and even hinted at her vlogging abilities. On the internet, she quickly became a sensation. Her relationship with Chris, marriage, and, finally, her dramatic interruption earned her a massive following that seemed to grow by the day.
Naija has a new career thanks to her newest release, ‘Medicine,’ which details the events leading up to her divorce from Chris. The song has gone on to become a huge hit, garnering over 56,000 page views on Genius. It was ranked 31st on Genius’s Top Songs list. It also reveals how new-year YouTube stars use drama and flick to pique the interest of suspects and fans.

Ascend to the Top

In the eighth season of American Idol, Queen Naija made her first appearance when she challenged the winner. Despite the fact that her vocal abilities helped her get through the hearing, she was eliminated in the Hollywood round during the Top 15 selection. Naija began to focus on her YouTube career after her ‘Idol’ days were over.
queen naija net worth
She started an independent channel where she shared vlogs about time, music, and makeup for her tale. She and her boyfriend Chris started the YouTube channel ‘Chris and Queen.’ The group posted films of themselves vlogging, banging, and challenging each other.

Christopher Sails’s Relationship

Christopher Sail assisted her management by looking after her account. He also took part in the videos. But their love didn’t last long, and the two opposing viewpoints didn’t last either. The channel ‘Chris and Queen’ has now been deactivated.

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Their divorce became a well-known topic of conversation. A sequence of videos made them laugh at each other. Naija unleashed her rage in a song titled “Medicine” on December 31, 2017. With over 13 million fans, the song has become a huge success.
The lyrics depict Naija’s emotional state, Chris’s infidelity, and her quest for vengeance. ‘Medicine’ was created with the express purpose of causing controversy and acquiring millions of followers.

Private Life

On October 17, 1995, Queen Naija was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The information about her parents isn’t available in the public domain. Tina and Terrell are two younger siblings who have their own YouTube channel, Tina & Terrell.
Naija meets Christopher Sails, her future husband, for the first time in high school, despite the fact that no specific information about her academic credentials exists. Chris and Naija first met at a school basketball game in April of 2013. The pair married four years later, in 2017. They are the proud parents of a son named Chris.
In addition to being genuine partners, they were also YouTube partners. Chris not only ran the channel, but he was also a regular participant in internet videos. ‘The Wife’s Cheating’ is his most well-known video.
Chris and Naija’s pleasant friendship, on the other hand, did not last long. When they used their blog post to deal with their relationship troubles, their highly publicized divorce thrust both of them back into the spotlight.

Music Career

After her divorce, Queen Naija released the song “Medicine.” She addressed the subject and answered all of the questions her fans had. She told The Fader at the time, “‘Medicine’ was essentially manufactured to confirm what happened in my marriage to my YouTube supporters.” “Instead of talking about it, I promised them I’d write a song about it.”
“Karma” was an even bigger hit: it debuted at #1 on the iTunes Charts the day it was released. In July 2018, she took advantage of the quick success of her EP, which sold over 1 million copies and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Queen Naija’s Annual Income and Net Worth

Queen Naija’s record deal was estimated to be worth a few million dollars. Today, however, musical engagement is rarely lucrative employment for musicians unless they tour, and there is nothing to do in the face of a global pandemic. As a result, YouTube generates the majority of Queen Naija’s earnings.
queen naija net worth
Queen Naija earns over $180,000 per year from ads on her YouTube channel, which has 4.6 million subscribers. As a result, its net worth is estimated to be $4 million when combined with its music initiatives.


Queen Naija, a pop-R&B singer recognized for her frank lyricism and agile vocals, rose to fame as a social media superstar with her platinum-selling track “Medicine” (2018). As a child, the Queen Naija Bulls, who was reared in Ypsilanti but now resides in Detroit, began performing in church and writing songs.
During her adolescent years, her name was well-known across the country, as she appeared on several seasons of American Idol, including the 13th season in 2014. After that, she became an internet sensation thanks to her YouTube channel, where she and her husband created prank films. When the couple broke up, Naija remained active on social media and returned to singing.
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