Brett Oppenheim Net Worth 2022: Brett and Jason Had a Falling Out? Why Did Brett Oppenheim Resign From Selling Sunset?


We are overjoyed that the Los Angeles-based television series ‘Selling Sunset’ is returning for a new season. From its A-list celebrity cast to its engaging drama-filled episodes, it’s easy to see why ‘Selling Sunset’ has grown to be one of the most popular reality shows online.

The hit Netflix series ‘Selling Sunset’ takes viewers behind the scenes of Los Angeles’ competitive real estate market, which is driven by real estate agency The Oppenheim Group. Brett and Jason Oppenheim have continued the family business through their profession, but Brett left the firm in 2020 to embark on a new personal chapter.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim, twin brothers, have established The Oppenheim Group as the best luxury real estate brokerage firm in the Los Angeles area, with the premiere of ‘Selling Sunset’ in 2019 spotlighting their work and that of their agents.

What Is Brett Oppenheim’s Background?

Real estate is literally in the blood of the Oppenheim’s. Their great-great-grandfather Jacob Stern went to Hollywood in 1889 and founded The Stern Realty Co., which became one of the most renowned real estate entrepreneurs in early Los Angeles. Brett initially transitioned from law to real estate.

brett oppenheim net worth

As he adds, “real estate has always been in my blood; five generations of my family have practiced some type of real estate.” Jason joined him a little more than a year later. The twins renamed the business The Oppenheim Group. Today, The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles comprises five generations of real estate development, management, and brokerage.

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Brett quit the company in 2020 to establish his own. Brett, on the other hand, never technically left. He continues to work at The Oppenheim Group alongside his brother, holding the titles of Broker Associate and Senior Vice President, as stated on their website. Jason and Brett have just chosen to act differently in the interest of their partnership.

Brett has always been tight-lipped about his dating life, but in Season 3, we were introduced to his newest girlfriend when he showed her off to the other agents and said, “Sweetheart, I want to introduce you quickly; here is Katya.” However, the two separated and Brett began dating Tina Loise, who also ended their relationship.

Brett Oppenheim’s Net Worth

Brett Oppenheim and his twin brother Jason are the franchise’s wealthiest members at the moment. Brett began his career as a lawyer before partnering with Jason to form The Oppenheim Group. He has apparently earned a net worth of $50 million since then.

Why Did Brett Oppenheim Resign From Selling Sunset?

Brett Oppenheim founded Oppenheim Real Estate after leaving The Oppenheim Group. Brett is identified as the firm’s president and broker on the firm’s website. While his twin brother, Jason, is named as the company’s founder and president.

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While he continues to appear alongside his brother in Selling Sunset, fellow cast member Christine Quinn stated that he has departed the group. “Brett has departed to start his own brokerage,” she told Glamour.

Christine also alluded to the possibility that Brett may wind up snatching agents from The Oppenheim Group for his own firm. “We have no idea who will relocate were,” she explained. It might be a fight of the brokerage houses!”

Brett and Jason Had a Falling Out?

While rumors of a conflict between the brothers have circulated, Jason has affirmed that there is no animosity between him and Brett. Indeed, he stated that he and his twin continue to operate together, and it appears as though both of their enterprises are inextricably linked.

brett oppenheim net worthOppenheim Real Estate and The Oppenheim Group both explain on their websites that The Sterm Realty Co. was created in 1889 by Jacob Stern, Jason and Brett’s great great grandfather. Later on, the name was changed to The Oppenheim Group. They both refer to their firms as family businesses, which means they technically continue to collaborate

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“I believe Christine attempted to feed those flames,” Jason remarked of Christine’s comments concerning Brett’s departure. He is not establishing his own brokerage and employing agents in order to compete. We are still collaborating.” Thus, this explains why Brett continues to appear on Selling Sunset and why the twins get along so well!


Over the years, the twin brothers have developed a real estate empire in Southern California, and their net worth reflects their diligence. Jason and Brett are reported to be worth $50 million apiece as a result of the firm’s unmatched success, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Although the actual value of The Oppenheim Group is unknown, the business is said to sell over 100 homes every year and is responsible for over $1 billion in sales. The firm now has over $300 million in active listings.

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